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  1. Hi ya, I am wanting to also take half a sim with someone too. Although I guess it depends on what we both want to do. I have found the perfect. I am wanting to put in a castle on my part. Lets meet up inworld and I will take you to this place if you like.


    Kind Regards


  2. Looking to work in beautiful lands

    Don't mind living in the castle free?

    Want to be paid for doing chores or being a guard?

    If so then come visit us in Uhre- DragonReach. A spectacular medieval world where your work is appreciated. Various chores in the castle. Cooks, maids, castle guards and gardeners wanted. Choose your own hours and come when it suits. Pressure free so you can play the rest of the day.

    Contact Rosabella upon your arrival for more details.

    Look forward to meeting you..Rosabella curtseys to you and waves


  3. Hi GothGirl, thanks for your great reply. :matte-motes-big-grin:

    It seems that I am probably at less risk if I just rent a sim that I have found which is L$7000 per week although it is a homestead and interesting to know about the restriction for avatars on the sim. I did also notice that there is also a restriction on the prims being under 4k which means there is really not a lot you can put on such a large peice of land.

    Oh yes I do see your points about RP lands in sl with the griefing and the reasons why some people are attracted to others. I currently help out on some RP sims at the moment to help bump up the traffic by marketing them and also placing more realistic RP activities for a better experience as well as more fun for them. So I went to see the RP game you mentioned also and well, that looks like what I am trying to achieve at the moment. The costs of adding what is needed is fairly high when I am not a developer myself and can only make the basic things, so buying the made products needed to do this is far easier for me and I guess it is leveraging too when I can do other important things. The owners pay for the object I need to improve their sims now although I was paying for them myself at the start as it was my contribution and thanks for the opportunity they had given me. 

    Now I am looking to do something for me and for my style of RP without the crap that you can indeed get from some players. Mind you I am targeted, and it is mainly from jealousy. Either because I can put anything I want on the sim, or I have more prims than they are allowed, and there has also been an instance where it was only because I was a woman she didnt want her sl man looking at. Its rediculous really when I am only here to have fun and to help others best I can. 

  4. HI, after reading and confusing myself about investing in land on SL, which one is actually more beneficial long term? Someone else said to me that renting is so much easier and cheaper?! Then someone else says "NO WAY! its cheaper to own and pay tiers. Well I don't really know which way to go. I only want on full sim to medieval rp with that I can deed to a group. How hard is it? 


    Oh yes and if there is anyone out there who want to share a sim please feel free to IM me.


    Kindest Regards


  5. Hi, another place is Tirion, it is a part of Sherwood which is the themed land for Lord of the RIngs. Once you get there proceed to the lift which will take you to the markets. You are sure to find something lovely there to wear. Beautiful lands and people, so don't be surprised if you end up staying here.

    Hope to see you on your visit.



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