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  1. :smileyhappy: Thank you very much for all the advice you all rock! Thank goodness for people like you... :smileywink:
  2. Hi, come to Uhre DragonReach and rp in medieval if you like. Its a beautiful place to live and we are seeking more of the human race to join in these themed lands. I'll take you to a great place for western rp too. Hope to meet you inworld soon...Rosabella
  3. Greetings...come and meet me inworld and I will show you medieval lands of beauty in Uhre. Plus I will take you to western world and perhaps we'll catch an outlaw lol. Both great fun and you'll make some wonderful friends there too
  4. Rosabella curtseys to you...:matte-motes-smile: Greetings, you will love the beautiful lands of Uhre DragonSong where there are many elves. Come and see me inworld and I will take you there. There are surrounding medieval themed lands and you might even fall upon our neighbours from the lord of the rings too. May the distance bring you closer to me one day soon. Rosabella nods her head and curtseys, then rises with a welcoming smile and holds out her arms to you
  5. Rosabella waves to you and smiles. Curtseys to you and says, "Greetings, I would love to show you Uhre Dragone Reach. It is themed medieval and the mermaids have been building their new underworld...its beautiful :matte-motes-smile: Also would like to introduce you to my western friends...alot of activity there too at times. See you inworld soon...Rosabella waves and moves off into the mist hoping she will see you once again
  6. look for me inworld I will show you where they are...waves as she runs off
  7. Rosabella waves to you. Smiles,"we still haven't caught up. Be nice to meet you soon...
  8. Hi, you are welcome to meet me inworld for an interview sometime. Look me up and come play in my world. Skype or email is out of the question sorry, as this is SL not RL...smiles
  9. Hi ya, I am wanting to also take half a sim with someone too. Although I guess it depends on what we both want to do. I have found the perfect. I am wanting to put in a castle on my part. Lets meet up inworld and I will take you to this place if you like. Kind Regards Rosabella
  10. Ok you got my attention...now I am going to have a look :matte-motes-big-grin:
  11. Looking to work in beautiful lands Don't mind living in the castle free? Want to be paid for doing chores or being a guard? If so then come visit us in Uhre- DragonReach. A spectacular medieval world where your work is appreciated. Various chores in the castle. Cooks, maids, castle guards and gardeners wanted. Choose your own hours and come when it suits. Pressure free so you can play the rest of the day. Contact Rosabella upon your arrival for more details. Look forward to meeting you..Rosabella curtseys to you and waves
  12. :matte-motes-big-grin: Rosabella curtseys as she says "oh thank you m'lord"
  13. Hey, its all good I will show you how to do things and teach you as slowly as you need me to ok. See you online soon. I will look you up and add you as a friend on my list and then will bring you to meet me Rosabella
  14. Hi, if you are looking for a new friend to hang out with feel free to IM me anytime I am on. Lets have some fun and I will take you to places that are so awesome...see you soon :matte-motes-big-grin:
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