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  1. Claire, not being rude but... Linden Labs rarely (if ever) view these forums. this is resident to resident help only. If you want Linden Labs to fix something you need to file a report with them. We are only too happy to help out, but unfortunately Linden Labs seem to have misplaced my X-Mas card last Christmas The Recieved Items folder/tab is a fairly new event, related to the new Direct Delivery system from the Marketplace. You won't be able to do much with the folder/tab until you purchase an item from a seller who has actually converted thier Marketplace inventory to the new Direct Delivery system (Instead of the old MagicBox system). To date the Direct Delivery system appears to function much better than the MagicBox system and I've only had one failed delivery so far.
  2. think very carefully about what you have been doing in front of your webcam. You may have just broadcast some of your most private moments to the world.... Just kidding, I'd say it's that the cam also functions as a mic. You can disable voice anytime by going into your preferences settings. I'd suggest going in and messing around with some of the settings to work out what each one does. When you break something you can always find help here hehe
  3. Hya Lillith, that is the conundrum with No Copy items. If you attempt to rezz them and SL, the Sim or your internet decides to have a fit, the result is always the same - GONE! All the answers below are correct, though I hate to burst your bubble, don't hold your breath waiting for the item to magically re-appear in your lost & found. From past experience, when this happens I wait about a week. If the item doesn't return I go buy another copy. I also ensure I only rezz no copy items on my own land. Seems to stop the Sim hiccup issue.
  4. You also can't detach (or drop) certain wearable items, such as skins, hair bases, eyes. as these can only be replaced with another item from inventory. Otherwise all other suggestions should work
  5. I think what you are experiencing is exactly what I am getting too. Note the strange coloured dots around my hips and the way my torso is only partially visible I've just finished clearing both my SL3 and Firestorm caches, clean uninstall/re-install and a ground up rebuild of my avi and am still getting the same result. Seems the only way I can fix this is to wear mesh outfits with alpha layers. I wonder how I appear to others inworld but can't possibly face the world looking like this hehe. Anyone got any other fixes?
  6. Hi, I have been experiencing a bit of a weird issue with my avatar, in that my skin isn't rezzing properly, or my skin rezzes with a very weird texture and writing all over. I've cleared cache, done clean uninstall/reinstall of both SL Viewer 3 and Firestorm and am experiencing the issue on both viewers. I've changed numerous outfits and am down to one outfit where the problem doesn't occur which is a real downer :( The only thing I can think of which I've done differently of late is buy an iMac and download SL onto it. Is it possible that the iMac SL is causing some sort of problem? Or could it be something else entirely? Someone please hellp me
  7. Hi & thanks Lobo, I will have a looksee now. Sorry about the delayed response RL has been kinda crazy lately. Any help is good help IMHO, as I need to get my workflow sorted as well. I might have to adjust these for my particular software Thanks again
  8. Hi Mr Blue & welcome to SL. There are many ways of making money inside SL. I've put a few down below. 1 - If you are new, you can often get some small ammounts from Money Trees, just type Money Tree into your viewers search engine and teleport to one of the locations. 2 - You can get a job inside SL, there are thousands pf places to go to see what is available. 3 - You can also purchase Linden $ through either your viewer or your dashboard, though you will need payment info on file. To get your payment info on file, use your dash board, click on the link BUY $L and follow the steps. 4 - Zyngo halls have plenty of free machines, however you need to have at least $1L in your account, which is refunded once you start playing. There are many of these Zyngo clubs around, just type Zyngo into the viewer search engine and pick one. 5 - Design & create stuff, that you can then sell. This will depend on you abilities to bend pixels Hope some of these help & good luck.
  9. I'm using the latest SL Viewer3 and between logging out yesterday and logging in today I've found this task bar is gone. It's the one that shows $L balance, world, edt, advanced, developer menus and I really, really need it back. PS: I unchecked and rechecked the show advanced/developer menus in preferences but it made no difference, so I'm kinda at a loss what to try next. Thanks in advance Thanks Rolig, but that didn't work :( Bugger, now I've lost my landmark toolbar too lmao Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I fixed it with Firestorm lol. even complete uninstall/re-install of Viewer3 didn't help so I'm sorta out of ideas
  10. This may seem terribly obvious, but have you deeded the land to a group by any chance? If so make sure you are wearing the correct group tag Good luck
  11. Hya LazyDays, I just had a look at the website and it appears it may be an SL group you have joined, or possibly a store/club you have purchased from etc. Either way they should not be showing your information without your prior consent. Have you filed an abuse report? LL I believe will take this seriously as it is against all sorts of rules.
  12. Thanks for responding, I shoulda been more specific, I have Studio4 and yes it seems like every other programme out there, there are issues . It would appear I may need to get 3DS, but not until I've exhausted all possibilities for Studio4. I tried Blender but I think I might have the wrong version, there only seems to be a gagiliion bloody versions lol.
  13. This is a long shot, but try going into your dash board. I seem to recall seeing something in there about removing classifieds. Sorry I cant be more specific, as it was like 2 years ago I saw this, but anything is worth a shot. Failing that Customer or Billing Support should be able to help you. Good luck
  14. Hi Jurak, If all else fails, try to get a friend to teleport you to thier location. That sometimes helps too
  15. NaiadNightfire


    Hi Marroquino and welcome to Second Life and SL Answers, LoveAngel is correct Marroquino. Her solution should fix your problem. If not come back to your first post and edit it, rather than starting a new thread, as it will be easier for you to keep track of any replies. In addition to LoveAngel's response, I highly recommend a couple of things to new users, 1 - Inventory management is essential. you will find in no time at all you will have 1000's of items in your inventory so you will find it better to get into good practice filing everything away into folders etc. Better to do it now than when you have 20K+ items in inventory 2 - Create outfits (especially for any favourite outfits you acquire) so you can change clothing very quickly. After only 3 months (for this avi) I have over 105 different outfits and change around 4-5 times a day. To do this, follow the steps below; **1 - Wear the outfit you want, making sure you have all the extra attachments such as Jewellery, Shoes, HUDS etc worn. **2 - Once you have everything worn, right click on your avatar and select "Edit My Outfit" from the drop-down menu. **3 - This opens another window inside your viewer, at the bottom of which is a button called "Save" with a little drop-down arrow, hit the arrow and select "Save As". **4 - Type in a unique name for the outfit, I usually use the name of the clothing, eg DEVICIOUS - Loves You Red Catsuit **5 - Hit OK and you are done. This outfit will then live in your folder called "My Outfits" and from there you simply right click on the folder you wish to wear and select "Replace Current Outfit". After a few seconds you will be wearing your new look. Hope this helps
  16. Hi LuckyMoon & welcome to SL Answers, I create outfits for most of my clothing and though I don't change my shape/size, if you create an outfit for a full size avi you'll find you wont have this problem again. Try checking in your "Current Outfit" folder, what you may find is you are wearing a "Tiny" skin, that is what I suspect is stopping you from changing. You'll need to replace that skin with another for a full size avi and then you should be right.
  17. Hi everyone, Is anyone using AC3D to make mesh objects, particularly clothing & accessories. I currently have the following programmes: AC3D, DAZ3D & PAINTSHOP PRO. For those that dont know AC3D is equivalent to (but easier to use than IMHO) BLENDER while DAZ3D is effectively a POSE/ANIMATION (Amongst other things) software and PSP I think everyone knows. All are damn good programmes for creation of 3D content, however I can't seem to find anyone else who is using this combination of software for SL content creation, so every tutorial is basically gibberish to me as none of these programmes has any resemblence in the GUI to Blender, Maya, 3DS etc which most seem to be using. The above programmes are not the most expensive options available, though they have all the functionality of the cheaper (free) or uber expensive options. I'm on the verge of breaking Google, (which would be a tragedy for everyone lol). I think one more search from me and Google's servers will pop a fuse. Has anyone heard or know of a group using the above combo for uploading goodies into SL? Thanks in advance (I hope)
  18. Thanks again to all who replied. I got it sorted now, except for some pesky bling scripts. Down to 62 so far, including HUDS Haven't noticed any performance improvement, but then I didn't have that prob to begin with, am just trying to do the right thing. hugs to all and thanks again
  19. I can see that I currently have around 151 scripts running (1 deactivated) but I would dearly love to know where these scripts are, as I routinely remove re-size scripts etc. So something that pops out a list like the following would be lovely, SCRIPT NAME SCRIPT LOCATION MS xyz.lsl n-core right shoe 0.004ms There is probably an easy answer, but I haven't been able to find it YAY, thanks to all who answered, I'm now down to 19 scripts :)
  20. There are no daft ideas in SL, just some ideas that work, and others that don't (aka some of my more EPIC FAILS lol). I think the trick will be not so much can it work, more how to make it work well. Lots of research, lots of teleporting etc. One good thing is that I feel you could do this with very little financial outlay, so at the worst you may waste a bit of time, whereas the best case scenario is that you will help people, and make thier experiences even better, so you go for it me thinks
  21. LMAO, maybe I wasn't making myself clear as to the point of my earlier post. Linden Labs inaction on resolving all Mesh issues to make it fully functional is, that the SL economy will possibly suffer somewhat. Anyone with half a brain won't buy mesh clothing that can't be modified, does'nt fit thier shape and probably won't have any compatability with future mesh upgrade options. I know I for one am not buying mesh clothing (yet), I will only buy if I can demo the item and varify it fits my shape. I would love to hear any other comments about rigged mesh clothing/attachments, good or bad I don't care. I just wanna hear lots more discussions and ideas being thrown around in the public forums so I can make informed decisions. PS: I can make mesh clothes/attachments, cars, planes, trains and automobiles, but for the life of me I can't work out how to rig them to an avi, not that I want to wear a train lmao. I'll figure it out eventually, but some pointers would be very welcome as somedays my brain hurts just thinking about it lol
  22. Hi Charlar and everyone else interested in making Mesh Work , From everything I've read about rigged mesh clothing, it appears we are taking such a giant leap forward that we are forgetting one very important detail. I for one have spent considerable time and money getting my avatar to look exactly how I want. Now it would appear that to wear mesh clothing I need to change my avatar to suit the clothing (not to mention every item of rigged mesh I will own in future). After 3 months I own over 100 outfits, does anyone else get the impression that mesh clothing in its current form is too damn much work and is taking time away from enjoying SL and our SL friends? Never mind the hassle of changing our avatars every time we buy a new outfit. Mesh is definitely the way forward, but I think we all need to think about this some more, as I think we are going about it ass about. Mesh is great for attachments, but every demo outfit I've tried so far is not going to convince me I am willing to change my shape for each outfit. Maybe there is someone out there with enough smarts to figure out a "Magnetize Mesh" to surface function such as is available with DAZ3D. Wether such a function can work inside of SL I have no idea, but please everyone, take a deep breath, count to 10 and then proceed.... Oh and did I mention, that creators of rigged mesh clothing also want me to pay for the requirement to change my shape to suit each new outfit, hmmmm something just doesn't add up here lmao. Now I have had my whinge, my compliments to Rebel Hope on thier gowns. Closest I've come to not having to change my shape, (tho still not quite there yet), but the gown moves with me and is beautiful.
  23. It does still puzzle me that LL did not make mesh resizeable. While I am no expert on the subject, I have heard several creators state it is doable. I still feel that ALL clothes should be modifiable. That clothes should fit the avatar, not the other way around. I didn't just randomly choose my shape. There is some thought that went into me looking the way I do. Thank God, someone else has finally realised how ridiculous this is becoming. WTF would I want to change my AVIS shape for, every time I change outfits. That is a bloody joke (not a good joke either). I am currently trying to learn how to make rigged mesh clothing, and I won't release anything until I know it can work for everyone, or be modified by the buyer so they can adapt it to fit thier avi. Linden Labs and the content creators need to remember that we pay money to get our avi's looking just so, I think it's rude to expect us to then have to change our AVI to suit our clothing.
  24. Hi Brittany, I think for this problem you will need to file a report with SL Customer Support. I don't think anyone here will be able to help you unfortunately
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