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  1. Yeah, at first my password didn't work. The wiki said to contact support if that happens, so I did, and they got me sorted. What do I do if I run out of L$ on the beta grid? Can I just contact support again and they'll give me more? Is it automatic?
  2. Look at the page; it specifically says Avastar is distributed under the GPL. Also, I was under the impression that the beta was just available to anyone who bought Avastar. If they're manually selecting people based on trust, I wasn't aware of that.
  3. And if you weren't so quick to ignore me and actually gave me a chance to respond, you'd see I linked this page, and quoted where it says it's GPL, meaning it would be legal—not piracy. How is this anyone else's business anyway?
  4. Yep, I know that. And I'm entitled all the same to give my opinion on those terms. (edit: actually, just noticed you already acknowledged that)
  5. And SL doesn't provide any way to export that data? If trial and error is the only way, is there any way to do it without wasting L$ on test uploads? Is there some way to preview a DAE on your avatar before you pay to upload it?
  6. I don't see how it can be considered "wrong" in a moral sense if you aren't using the exported model in a way that's harmful to the creator. That said, it's still against the ToS, so I don't recommend doing it. Still don't know why it has to be; they could easily have written the ToS to only prohibit harmful uses. But that's what LL decided. Not everyone with a legitimate use for the dev kit would necessarily own a store. Isn't that unfair to people who just want to make things and don't care about selling them?
  7. If I have an avatar whose joint positions have been modified by a rigged mesh attachment, what's the best way to create my own rigged mesh to go with that avatar, with those joint positions? I'm using Avastar, in case there's an easy way there. This is a mesh avatar I bought, and I don't have the source files for it. Is there a way to pull those modified joint positions from Second Life and import them into Blender/Avastar, similar to the XML export for appearance sliders? If not, how can I go about doing this without resorting to trial and error / wasting L$ on uploads that don't look as I want them to? I'm aware I can ask the creator for the source files, but I'm looking for a general solution.
  8. Five seconds seems like a perfectly acceptable delay if it's only when uploading an image.
  9. About Gmail, that's not how I remember it. I'm pretty sure Gmail started with a gigabyte or so, and had been rising for a while since then. Might still be; I don't know. And I don't remember them ever intentionally breaking Gmail Drive. In fact now they have their own official equivalent that works much better.
  10. I'm really fond of animation overriders where most of the animations have you floating above the ground instead of standing/walking normally. I've found many like that, but so far I've only been able to find one that has Bento: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RP-018-Flying-Fairy-AO-Bento/5102172 There's nothing wrong with that one, but I'd like some more variety. Is that really the only such AO in all of Second Life that has Bento? Or does anyone know of any others?
  11. Checking for a collision is as easy as looking up a texture by its hash. What's their vested interest? Why is it LL's problem what people use their platform for? Are they legally responsible? I'm really sick of the government always acting like they're entitled to set rules for things they have nothing to do with, and I'd hope LL wouldn't willingly limit their own users' freedom simply to help them do that. Have they actually confirmed that that's why they don't allow third party exchanges? I know this is off topic for this thread, but I have pretty strong libertarian views in case you can't tell, and I just felt like ranting there, lol.
  12. Yeah I could see them doing that. 🙄 It would be nice if it was free even for free accounts. There's too much stuff in SL that requires money of some sort. And not everyone necessarily wants to associate a payment method with their account, or is even necessarily able to. For these people, even a L$1 fee can be a deal-breaker. I do have one associated (and in fact have a premium account) but the same isn't true of everyone. It would be nice if they accepted something not tied to a real-world identity, like Bitcoin—it would be very much in the spirit of SL, I think. There used to be third party exchanges that did, but then they banned third party exchanges for some reason... Still though, any requirement to involve money can still be a problem for some people, even if they can do it in a completely anonymous, freedom-preserving way.
  13. If an uploaded image is identical to an image someone else uploaded, why do they need to store another copy? Couldn't it just add a copy of the existing texture to your inventory?
  14. Yes, I know it's not much, but there's tons of places online that have no problem hosting images indefinitely for free. For some sites that's literally their entire purpose, like Imgur. Free image hosting is everywhere online. Yeah, LL is fine hosting images here for free. What difference does it make if it's going to be inworld instead? I'm sure there is a reason; I'm just not sure what it is.
  15. Don't worry; I didn't buy it for that reason. I've actually had it for (I'm pretty sure) at least a year, and I don't remember whether it had the mention of 2.0 back then. (If I did, I wouldn't be posting this thread. :P)
  16. Okay, so there's three things I'd like to have (which Firestorm has) that I can't find: An option to #include from local filesystem by default without having to add a #pragma line to all my scripts Added by editing HBPreprocessor::clear() method The preprocessor feature that removes unused functions from the code. An option to make double-clicking something in the inventory attach it via "add" without detaching anything Some way of seeing the number of the current face that's selected when editing a prim http://sldev.free.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2001 An option where manually moving the camera locks its angle until you press Esc, additionally locking its position if you alt-clicked something other than your avatar. (I think in Firestorm it's called something like "Reset camera on move", which I'd uncheck to get the behavior I want) Anyone familiar with CoolVL know if any of those options exist? I'd ask on their forum but when I tried to create my account, it said I needed to click a link in an activation email which I still haven't received, and I don't see anywhere to contact the staff (as it says to do) that doesn't require me to be logged in. While I haven't tried the Lua scripting yet, it looks like it does have everything I need and then some. Thanks again for the tip
  17. Wait, that's a thing? I looked for something like that but didn't find it—thanks! I currently use Firestorm, and there's some features that I simply can't give up—mainly the LSL preprocessor. Pretty much all my scripts are written for it; it's indispensable. I did some research and it does look like CoolVL supports this feature, but it says macro expansion isn't supported. I don't think that will be too difficult to work around, but hopefully it won't have any more troublesome incompatibilities with Firestorm's preprocessor. Thanks again Of course, if anyone has any other ideas, feel free to suggest them, just in case CoolVL doesn't work for my needs or those of whoever else sees this thread in the future.
  18. I have a complex network of personal scripts that I've built up over the years, which I use to control all my attachments. Central to all of them is a system I call "Switchboard", whose primary function is to keep track of global variables and do things with them, like insert them into strings and output them on chat channels. I'd love to reimplement this as a client-side program of some sort; that way everything should run faster, without any risk of causing lag, and I'd also have orders of magnitude more memory available for storing code and variables. My question is, what would be the best way to do this? All I really need in terms of functionality for interfacing with SL is a way to process incoming llOwnerSay messages, and send output on chat channels. (Custom GUI panels for replacing HUD's would be a nice extra.) I know that if nothing else, I could figure out how to compile and run it as part of a custom-built viewer, probably by embedding Python or something in there. But is there a simpler way?
  19. I'm concerned about this item specifically: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/THW-Action-System/3916543 The description says "Massive 2.0 update in development", but according to the release notes on the creator's website, this item hasn't been updated since 2012. So while it could be getting an update soon for the first time in eight years, I feel like it's also not unlikely that the message about 2.0 is almost as old, in which case the odds of it coming out in the next year or two probably wouldn't be that great. I'd ask the creator, but his profile says he's taking a break from SL and will be back. Again though, I don't know when he posted that or how up to date it is. One thing I did notice is his inworld profile lists a classified entry for the item with a "created" date of just last week, but I don't know if those simply auto-renew or something. And more generally, it would be good to know how to determine this for other items as well, in case this comes up again.
  20. I guess another answer is, just closely read the ToS, between the lines. If it can reasonably be construed not to forbid something, I figure you'd have a pretty good case if you do get in trouble. I don't know that from experience, but it makes sense. This is kind of sort of getting off topic though, I suppose.
  21. How about the following use-cases: You want to make your own attachment to extend or replace a product you bought that uses a proprietary applier HUD, and want the textures to apply to it as well. This attachment is only for your own personal use. Same as previous, except you also plan on selling your attachment. A popular vendor sells mesh clothing items, as well as a wide variety of applier HUD's for different textures. These HUD's do not use a standard applier system, and are only compatible with this creator's products. But you want to make your own items to sell which are compatible with these textures. You don't include the UUID's for the textures in your own HUD though; your customers will still need to purchase the textures from the creator to use them with your product. Same as previous, except the creator either gives the textures away for free or sells them at a big discount knowing they can only be used with their own products, which they charge for. (In my opinion, the seller's only recourse in this case should be to either do nothing, or realize their business model needs some adjustments to adapt.) You have a no-modify attachment that comes with a HUD which lets you change from pre-provided textures, but the creator did not provide any means of using your own textures. You want to make your own textures and use those. A popular vendor sells mesh clothing items which are no-modify. You want to sell your own applier HUD's for these items, with your own self-made textures. Same as previous, but you'd also like to profit from the knowledge you discovered by selling your own applier script that works with custom textures. You believe that once someone buys an item, it shouldn't be up to the creator what textures you can use it with. Knowing that the terms of service do not echo this sentiment, you want to do whatever you can to work around the rules (as in, find a way that doesn't violate them) to nonetheless give people this freedom you feel they should have. So you make your own script that lets you set your own texture on all sorts of different products that weren't designed to accept custom textures. You set restricted permissions on this script though so people can't themselves discover the channel, and get that vendor's UUID's for possibly less legal purposes. Same as previous, except you do publicly spill the beans about the channel. Maybe you feel that the benefits to others outweigh the potential harms to the seller. Maybe you're against DRM and want to do whatever you can to weaken it and maximize end-user freedom within the ToS, whatever the implications. (Or maybe it's a specific seller who slighted you and you want to get back at them somehow, even.) Which of those (if any) would run afoul of the ToS?
  22. I'd rather not have to refactor/rebuild all my scripts that use SLPPF to compensate for SLPP's inherent synchronous delay. Is there any way to avoid that? If I report that bug (where it uses "unreliable" messages) to the Linens, is it likely it'll be fixed reasonably soon? How would that result in the numbers in the Scale boxes updating, but not the prim's actual size? (And yes, I know blankets and towels have no ability to fix bugs in Second Life. My autocorrect just felt like being funny, and I figured I'd let it. XD)
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