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  1. Sitting/standing and flying/landing both don't work. Any other ideas?
  2. So I bought a couple rigged mesh avatars, both from the same store, and they're both giving me the same problem. I attach it and it works fine, but when I detach it my avatar's eyes are missing. All I see is two holes. It looks very weird. Objects attached to the eyes don't show up either. How can I fix this without restarting the viewer each time?
  3. I wish Linden Lab had your line of thinking, Orca. Why are the Lindens so obsessed with copyright? I mean sure, protecting others' IP rights is very important. But as long as 1) nobody's making any money off of it, 2) nobody is being denied money they deserve, and 3) you aren't falsely claiming something as your own, the Terms of Service really seem to be the only reason something isn't OK. I understand you being suspended for violating the ToS, Orca. But other than that, I really don't see anything you did wrong. As for copyright, I'm sure what you did would qualify as fair use in any decent court of law. Also, I'm aware someone may argue that since a copybotted item has the copybotter's name listed under Creator, that technically goes against point 3 above. If I was permitted under the ToS to copy Armidi's item, I would be sure to make note of that in the item's description, which is shown everywhere the item's creator is. That way, nobody's rights would be infringed. Linden Lab really needs to rewrite that portion of the ToS to allow for fair use. Despite the reputation it has, there are (IMO) valid reasons to copy an item that don't infringe on the creator's rights, and I would love it if LL agreed so I could actually do so. As for the item I'm looking for, the hair is called The Short V. And I clicked on the link and did a Ctrl-F search for "hair", and didn't find anything. I also visited the location and can't find it using Firestorm's area search tool.
  4. Thanks, but I'm looking for some of their hair, and that isn't there. Where can I find that?
  5. I believe I did post a similar thread recently. If anyone can point me in the right direction to get it legitimately, the store is called Armidi
  6. If the creator of an item I want went out of business, then if I figure out how, am I allowed to copybot it off someone else? If not, then how else am I going to get the item? I wouldn't resell it or anything, of course.
  7. I'm not saying I want it for free. I just want to pay once and have it for life (unless of course LL goes bankrupt or something.)
  8. These are the only ways I know of to have land: 1) Buy some land on the mainland (requires premium membership) 2) Rent some land on the mainland (might require premium membership, not sure) 3) Rent or "buy" some land on a private sim (I don't think anybody lets you own land on a private sim without some kind of recurring payment) 4) Buy your own sim (VERY expensive, really only for rich people or businesses, requires premium membership I think, plus an extra monthly fee) Is there any way to own some land that only requires you to pay once, L$ or US$? (And nothing crazy, like buying out Linden Lab. :smileyhappy:) I'd like to be able to get some land and know I'm done paying. But every method I know of for buying land involves some kind of recurring payment for as long as you want to keep it. Anyone know of any exceptions, or at least a reason for this?
  9. No--then you're actually depriving me of my TV, since you're not just making a copy. Otherwise I wouldn't care if you sold it, lol. Bad analogy! If I were to copybot something and not sell it, I am not depriving the creator of anything. Not even a sale they otherwise would have made, since I'd still need to buy the item to copy it.
  10. SID Riler, this account started off as an alt, hence the name, but now I use it as my main account. I wish I could change the name. Also, I would think modifying an item I purchased (a license to) even if it says "no modify" would be considered fair use, as long as I'm not making any money off of it, or preventing the creator from doing the same. Of course the TOS is another issue entirely, since I am still using Linden Lab's service, but in practice do they really take action against people using things like that as long as they aren't doing so unfairly? Basically, even if it is technically against the rules, would they actually do anything about it, so long as I'm not negatively affecting anyone else?
  11. If I ever find a copybot viewer, is there any chance I could get banned if I use it just to customize some attachments I have that are no-mod? I would never of course sell or even give away for free anything I copy. Might I add that I have not done this, nor do I even have a copybot viewer. I'm just wondering if doing so could get me banned. I'm pretty sure it would, but I'm asking here just in case.
  12. I have this HUD item that, every once in a while, becomes detached. It still appears on the screen, but clicking the buttons doesn't do anything and right-clicking it causes it to go away. If I look in my inventory, it doesn't say it's attached, and I can reattach it. Sometimes a more serious bug occurs. I click the buttons and, again, nothing happens, but when I right-click it, it stays there. Attempting to detach it only causes the Edit item in its right-click menu to become disabled, and it won't actually detach (and of course I can't reattach it) until I log out and log back in. This bug often occurs when attaching/detaching a large number of items, such as when changing outfits. It's always with this one object. I created the object, as well as all its contents, including scripts and textures. Has anyone else experienced this bug and/or know how to fix it? Thanks. BTW, I am using the official Linden Lab viewer, with the latest version AFAIK.
  13. Just want to let you know, I made a small mistake in my original post. In the last one, I accidentally put "no transfer" instead of "transfer". It was in green anyway though, so some of you may not have noticed.
  14. Things like needing to buy six chairs or buy something more than once just to get different colors are reasonable for real-life goods, but not here. And an annoying side effect is that if everything is no mod, I can't get the color I want! And almost all the "template" items designed to be modified are designed for store owners, and priced as such! I mean, seriously? What about the people who just like customizing their own stuff? Sometimes I wish I could just use copybot or something to get full perms, but that's against the terms of service! I certainly don't want to get banned. If you can't transfer something, you should be able to do whatever you want with your own copies. Anything else is an artificial limit that has nothing to do with copyright, and LL should really limit the permission system to avoid things like that. Anyone else think SL policies are biased toward content producers against content consumers? (Seriously, what's with all this copybot hate going around, even among non-content-creators? I don't use it, as I don't want to violate the TOS, but as long as it's only for personal use, shouldn't we be allowed to?) /rant
  15. I'm just wondering, what's the point of having any permission combinations other than the following five: No copy / Modify / TransferNo copy / No modify / TransferCopy / Modify / No transferCopy / Modify / TransferCopy / No modify / Transfer Some objects have objects with more restrictive permissions inside, which I understand, but except in these cases I don't see any reason to have any combinations of permissions other than these. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to copy or modify something that you can't give or sell away. I mean you should be able to have as many copies as you want, and why should it matter if you modify something that's only going to be for your own use? Also, if you aren't going to be able to keep a copy, why should it matter if you give or sell it to someone else? Nobody's losing a sale. The only reasons I can see for using any combinations of permissions other than these is if you're a control freak who's overprotective of your intellectual property to the point of paranoia. No offense, of course; this is just my opinion, and there may be something I haven't thought of. Your thoughts?
  16. I paid using PayPal, so it automatically purchased L$ to cover it, which haven't been deducted yet. I also have the following message: 1 item has not yet been delivered This item is queued for delivery. Merchants cannot redeliver the item at this time, and have not been paid. If the item is not delivered within 8 hours after purchase, you will automatically receive a refund to your account. If you make a purchase while the transaction is in progress, the refund credit may be applied to your next order. If I purchase my product in-world, do I run the risk of my L$ eventually being deducted and the product being delivered, and ending up purchasing the same product twice?
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