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  1. Exactly ive shown three people secondlife and took them through all the steps and what to do, getting free heads bodies and items but only one sometimes comes on, you have to be interested in what sl has to offer, it took me three tries to really understand what it was all about. First time i joined i went to free dove and a random guy gave me troll items and d*ldos 🤢 and i got scared and didn't try again. When I joined the second time i did some research and really wanted to be apart of it saved up my money and brought a bento head and body, then i found gachas and fell in love haha. onl
  2. I used IMVU for 2 years before coming to second life, and its more dollhouse than anything you click to position you can dance and chat but people are very clique focused. No one will talk to you unless you are a certain way at least it was like that for me. Compared to second life it is very limited, I have spent money in both and I do enjoy both but I would never go back as there is literally nothing to do but talk and no one will talk. Before both I used stardoll when i was young same premise in paperdoll format, but nothing compares to secondlife, there is no story no mission just a sandbo
  3. everything has been fixed now my skybox fits within the guidelines and i have made more space by stacking skyboxes i have over 4000 prims so i can make many spaces no one has contacted me since i fixed my box thankyou all for the advice.
  4. Yes i know it it my fault and i feel ashamed it has been resolved now and i'm lucky he was nice, i was stupid and i agree with you. thankyou for your time
  5. i have seen those they look really cool the only problem is my parcel is a rectangle very hard to find stuff for it also my skybox is open top thankyou for helping me
  6. just messaged now thanks for your help, haven't had neighbours in a long time, my fault thanks again
  7. yeah i just moved from a homestead to a smaller parcel with more prims it is a really good land deal just wasn't sure if it would have mattered because the surround was taking up my prims not anyone elses i have deleted it now and doing some rock features my house itself is safe inside the boundry just cant have the enviroment
  8. everything is off his land but his house is still right next to my skybox tryna cover it with a rock wall he still hasnt responded to any of my messages he is online so might be afk
  9. Hello i have made a skybox and put a lot of effort into it it is big but the land impact only affects my land but does stretch to other lands slightly the skybox is over 1000 in height. i logged in today and someone put there house up here and i can't remove it because it is technically on their land but it is im my specific sky box if they moved it higher or lower i wouldn't care i messaged them but they haven't responded , i have blacklisted the objects so i can't see them but he can still spy on me and keep placing whatever he wants is there a way for me to report him or just block everythi
  10. yeah i think that was the issue remade the mesh and it works fine, well it's all practice thankyou for the reply
  11. Hello, I'm not much good at scripting but I've been making a very simple interactive pet, it has sounds on touch and you can pet it and change it's name but i was wondering since i can't find it anywhere i have looked would a percentage system such as a hunger bar that decreases over time and a menu button that increases the percentage be a lot of work, i have looked everywhere for a percentage based script and pet script but I've only come across breedables which are to much for what i want, don't want people to pay for food only role play, thanks a lot I'm a big noob
  12. little update had to rotate it in blender but one side is high and the arms dont match only one side is warped
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