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  1. I can only really do very basic things, I use to be able to to HTML a little but I haven't done it in a long time.
  2. Hello I am willing to pay and I have tried to learn because I wanted to make a little pet but I had a hard time understanding, I have had the same problem when i tried to make a game the scripting just confused me. I am able to edit the basic colours and how to make a box ect. But I have no idea how to make stuff work together and I don't have much time to learn more atm. I don't want to make this script to confusing because it's just for a roleplay object. Thankyou for your time and would I be able to contact you inworld to sort out payment if you would like to?
  3. I cannot find one on the marketplace and the auto scripter isn't working . I need a script were an item is given after a certain amount of time at minimum,a and I would like it to be affected by a menu like click button A the timer speeds up. But I mainly need the first portion. Thankyou, I suck at scripting.
  4. She is my alt and have fallen in love, she is a ghost I want to mod more.
  5. Oh yes please i love snooping haha there are a few strange places i've seen also but no judgement haha will IM you
  6. oooo will do I have always ended up buying in Corsica and i've really wanted to explore the other continents and I can show you around Corsica as well I live next too a theme park will message you soon :). Thankyou
  7. That sounds amazing. Will be coming <33 I love going to historical sites it makes me feel very connected to the history. Thankyou
  8. Have been having trouble finding makeup
  9. That would be awesome i will IM you I live next to the wonder park as well thats pretty fun
  10. Hello there, I am looking to meet mainland friends I live in Corsica at the moment and love to drive, shop and hangout. I live in Australia so i am usually on late night American time or early morning. I would love mainland friends as there is lots to explore and road-trips are really fun. I also use xeo-life and do light role playing. I would love to hear you. no adult roleplaying only friends
  11. Exactly ive shown three people secondlife and took them through all the steps and what to do, getting free heads bodies and items but only one sometimes comes on, you have to be interested in what sl has to offer, it took me three tries to really understand what it was all about. First time i joined i went to free dove and a random guy gave me troll items and d*ldos 🤢 and i got scared and didn't try again. When I joined the second time i did some research and really wanted to be apart of it saved up my money and brought a bento head and body, then i found gachas and fell in love haha. onl
  12. I used IMVU for 2 years before coming to second life, and its more dollhouse than anything you click to position you can dance and chat but people are very clique focused. No one will talk to you unless you are a certain way at least it was like that for me. Compared to second life it is very limited, I have spent money in both and I do enjoy both but I would never go back as there is literally nothing to do but talk and no one will talk. Before both I used stardoll when i was young same premise in paperdoll format, but nothing compares to secondlife, there is no story no mission just a sandbo
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