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  1. Hi, I just took the premium offer, select the "premium home" to my surprise the house is glued to 3 more houses and the front view actually see the back, where is nothing. Can we change the premium home? why they cant make at least the homes separated one from another?
  2. Me too, I bought another plot but I don't have it anymore, now only with 512 they want to charge 5us$
  3. Asle Winkler

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    I had 512 sqm and I wasn't paying tiers until I bought another 512 plot, now I have again only 512 sqm but they want to charge 5 us$ monthly. Why? its that new? I ONLY own 512sqm should be tier free
  4. I am having the same problem, it is terrible!!! I was surprised that the viewer lately was working good for me!! It make me wanted to do things again but then, it came the latest update and it mess up the whole thing !!! :womansad: The pink thing can be set again in the graphics settings but the problem is why appeared by "it self" in first place? and since then, I can't see anything the way it was before, the graphics are very unclear. ((( Before update: After Update:
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