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  1. Hi The Aeon sandbox has alot of friendly people there including myself. your welcome to come and say hi and meet some great people.
  2. Hi The star trek groups that I am in are friendly and chattty, we also loads of other crazy stuff as well. feel free to im me in world if you would like to take a look.
  3. Hi Welcome, You will soon make friends as you eplore the wonderful places that sl has to offer. I am based in star trek sims and have met some wonderful people and we have great fun rping.
  4. Hi, where I am in a star trek sim Galaxy fleet command, we welcome new people to talk to. I find reading peoples profiles help as that way you know you may get spoken too. But I do find I have visited other Sims and find it hard talking to people. I suppose you just keep visiting different Sims till you find one your comfortable with.
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