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  1. How exciting! This should be lots of fun!
  2. *jumps for joy* Woot! glad to see a fellow Japan lover around, はじめまして。ユイです。どうぞ よろしくおねがいします。
  3. Looks like wasabi pills but I could be wrong.? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wasabi-Pills-Sybille-MESH-Hair-Blonds-Pack/3194372 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wasabi-Pills-Sybille2-MESH-Hair-Blonds-Pack/3194180 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wasabi-Pills-Sebastianne-MESH-Hair-Blonds-Pack/2747459 Or better yet, you could find Berta Avro and ask her, she's really nice so I'm sure she wouldn't mind sharing with you. Good luck!
  4. Sounds interesting, feel free to IM me if you see me about
  5. I followed your link and started to watch it, I think I'm hooked.
  6. Hi everyone, After a few weeks of looking around the forums and exploring SL on my lonesome (because my friends seem to have dropped off the face of SL and haven't logged in for weeks and I can understand RL gets hectic - it can happen to everyone) I thought I'd pop in and introduce myself a little and see if anyone would be keen to hang out in world. Me in a nutshell: I love cats. I secretly wish I was a mermaid. I am a sugar junkie. I am somewhat of a neurotic. I love elephants. I used to have a faery who sat on my finger. I am an 80's baby. I like mushrooms ALOT. I am fascinated by mythical creatures. I played with creepy crawlies as a child. I prefer animals to humans. I do not regret the things that I say. I am petrified of lizards & frogs. I love dolphins. I would like to be a pirate for a day. What I'm looking for: A Friend (male/female) i think gender is irrelevant.Mutual interests (I like exploring different sims, dancing, surfing, swimming, photography, shopping (N.B. 'LIKE' is an understatement. I have an sl shopping addiction - they tried to make me go to rehab but i won't go go go)Mutual respect is key - I won't pass judgements on you moral or otherwise. I expect the same.Genuine conversation and someone who can laugh at themselves because I do :)Admittedly, I can come off a little snarky (especially if you start a conversation with 'do you want to touch my little pixel weiner?) but if you come with good intentions, I'm all sugar and spice and everything nice. I'm not that emotionally defunct. really. *cough cough* no. really!! So I guess if you're equally bored and find yourself roaming around SL looking for a friend who can laugh with you during laggy shopping trips or just explore SL, msg me. If you're looking to pixel bump and don't have the courtesy to actually strike up a proper conversation and get to know me first, please walk on by, there's nothing for you to see here :) Thank you, have a nice day! /me Cheesy Grin. PS. I forgot to add that I am really interested in learning how to build and be creative in SL, so if you have a lot of patience (LOL) and are willing to teach, I am a willing student :)
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