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  1. Seeking staff to fill the following positions. Deejays Escorts Dancers Staff will earn 90% tips,Djs are paid seprately. Must work a minimum of 3 hours have a good looking avatar, mesh bodies are not necessary ,but no flexi! Contact KiraLynnn or EternalDelights for an application or stop by the club. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ascalon%20North%20Toxavia/34/237/24
  2. Seeking fun,sexy and classy women Escorts & Dancerts Wanted Escorts 20$L /hour, dancers 15$L/hour + 85% tips Must be voice verified work minimum of 3 hours Must be 18 or Older Neko's welcomed to apply as well. Contact KiraLynnn Or EternalDelights http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ascalon%20North%20Toxavia/31/230/25
  3. Hiring Fun,Friendly and outgoing Women for an Escort Club. In need of Escorts and Dancers Escorts Earn 20$L/hour and Dancers earn 15$L/hour + 85% tips Come grab an application or Contact KiraLynnn Resident or EternalDelights http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ascalon%20North%20Toxavia/31/233/25
  4. Oral Sensations- A classy club looking for classy women! ===Requirements -MUST BE at least 18 YEARS OLD IN RL -You must have 50$L in order to rent an ad board in case you are hired. -Updated appearance, no flexi hair or clothes.(You do not need a mesh body) -You must be able to emote ,have fun and be sexy. -must VOICE verify, yes even if you are a dancer or a text escort. -You need to be at least 30 days old (may consider younger avatars depending on situation). -Dancers Will earn 15$L an hour and Escorts will earn 20$L an hour + 85% tips Contact in world or Grab an application on site. KiraLynnn Resident or EternalDelights http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ascalon%20North%20Toxavia/31/235/25
  5. Currently out of work and seeking a new Job Availability: Pretty much any time, however more specific between the hours of 10 AM slt to 5pm slt I'm willing to work weekends! Experience: Estate Management & Land Sales for a little over 4 years. Job duties included Data Base entry (Solving support tickets customers had) Answering group chat and helping customers with land problems including ghosted prims, media/music stream issues, deeding groups and cutting land. Light terraforming, managing sim scripts and helping customers cut down on lag. I also know how to get rid of a griefer fast ! Which is beneficial when you have an estate to run. And of course have done sales and worked with customers finding the right land. Please feel free to contact me via the forums here or inworld KiraLynnn Resident Ps: I get all offlines to my email, please don't hesitate to leave me an offline:)
  6. If no one can return it even an estate manager it could be a ghosted prim, the sim needs to be restarted and then returned by the sim owner, the one's name who owns the actual sim from LL . THen if that doesn't work make a ticket and LL will get rid of it.
  7. ♥♥ GREED OR NO GREED ♥♥ SHAKE OFF THOSE MONDAY MORNING BLUES AND HEAD TO LUCKY STRIKE GAMES FOR GOOD COMPANY AND GAMING. BELLA WILL BE HOSTING TODAY FROM 9AM-11AM. SEE YOU THERE!!! ◆◆ Šuper Ⓑ ◆◆ ▶▶ Fire Ball ◀◀ ▶▶ No Devil ◀◀ ▶▶ Reel Wild ◀◀ ▶▶ Enchanted ◀◀ ▶▶ Money Vault ◀◀ ▶▶ Reel Wild Progressive ◀◀ ◆◆ 7Seas Fishing Contest ◆◆ Tp to Lucky Strike Games
  8. It is due to tax reasons that they had to go through LL only and not anymore third parties like virwox, I also used virwox because I got my money on hand when I needed it to pay bills, because a week later or two would of been too late and would of been disconnected or lights off whatever as SL was my main source of income to my house. It really sucks having to wait, especially when they KNOW that we've been here a long time and haven't caused any issues, it's just another way for th IRS to screw us all over.
  9. Super B available to play @ Lucky Strike Games Jackpot: 299,865 Get 30 Points and enter the weekly Sunday Contest, Contest starts at 12:00 Noon SLT Contest game is 1$L if you qualify Play Super B Here/TP
  10. Beautiful landscaped parcels available. Waterways for sailing with connection to the the Linden Ocean and northwest of the the Blake sea. Community events & more... Visit welcome Center here Full Homestead 65536sqm Prims: 3750 Weekly Tier: 10,500$L/week 43,000$L/month ---FEATURES---- Fully Landscaped Commercial/Residential use Resell rights Skybox's allowed Full Estate Manager Rights Homestead For Rent-TP HERE
  11. Gotcha and thanks for connecting with me in world!
  12. what would you charge for a website? With a simple template i'll give you.
  13. that is what i was thinking lol. But I'm hiring hosts for my game sim if your interested Lucky Strike-Now Hiring
  14. Friday on the 11th at 3pm SLT come on down to Lucky Strike Games and Hear Rosedrop Rust live, singing and telling us fantastic stories through his music. Hope to see you there! Ride to Live Singer on Friday
  15. have you tried firestorm or singularity? Much better in my opinion then second life viewer
  16. Are you a club owner,DJ or Musician in Second Life? If you need a stream you can get a new stream or renew current xtream hotspot streams here 250 listeners - L$ 1200 per month 100 listeners - L$ 900 per month 50 listeners - L$ 700 per month we have also recently added an area to re-new or get a new shoutcast/icecast stream. Renew/purchase new stream here
  17. You would have to run software in order to stream audio, a lot of stations that play music 24/7 have a program running on a computer that constantly streams it. That is the only way I know of.
  18. Still seeking host/hostesses, newbies welcomed as we will train you.
  19. I sent you a message on the forums here, didn't want to log into SL tonight lol
  20. I'm looking for a couple of Djs that have a following, only a couple nights a week 100% tips Please IM me if interested KiraLynnn Resident, or leave a message to me privately on the forum here.
  21. Ready to get greedy? Come on down to Lucky Strike Games and get greedy with your hostess Host:Kira 140318$L in the top pot Come play : Ride to Lucky Strike Games
  22. just turn off object entry and build, you'll be set to go then. Your neighbors should do the same.
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