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  1. I think many have made very valid points about price and choices so I have nothing to add to that. I will say that my first response to them was oooo these mostly seem so cutesy but having seen how people are actually using them I am quite impressed, especially since they will rotate quite often as I understand it. As for my five cents, I am just thrilled there are more options, anything that allows for even more creative expression in this world of magic is a plus in my book. And generally speaking it has been my experience that customization in SL often costs... I am super grateful that the first name can be changed too, I was not expecting that at all! When I came to SL I moved over from another grid where it was the convention to have your role-play title as part of your name. So not thinking it through I proceeded to do that here. I think most people didn't automatically think I was a dick trying to get greeted with an honorific but I kinda felt like a newbie prat about it. On top of that they literally ended the last names around that time (it didn't help that I didn't use my account after making it for about 3 month). I had picked a last name that was available for all of four month that I absolutely love (according to SL name watch there are only 828 so it really wasn't that simple in the later days to just fix the mistake)... So from my point of view I am happy that I could spend $40 to correct a nearly 10 year old mistake that had always been nagging at me. Thank you Linden Labs for spotting there was demand for this and proceeding to do the grunt work to make it happen. I am feeling extra grounded and creative today which in a time like this is truly the most unexpected and wondrous gift.
  2. I don't know if the gacha machine scripts will be able to handle that because currently they hand out items based on percentage odds but if every one of the items had to be individually loaded that could be trouble when we are discussing thousands of items.
  3. Well they are evolving I just had a purchase made by a 1 day old avi who sent it as a gift to another 1 day old avi and then the second one day old avi proceeded to make a direct purchase for the item again. 🤪
  4. The problem is, if we do it as citizens of Second Life it will turn into a witch hunt because most of the time we just have circumstantial evidence. Where as Linden Lab who can actually track the items through their unique numbers can get actual proof. So I am personally not going to engage in this time consuming and potentially community destroying activity. We must continue to pressure LL to take steps to bring this platform into 2020 where it belongs.
  5. (Quote removed) Some kind soul should contact these people to see if they also have had Linden adjustments! 😉
  6. I am not sure what made you think they had caught the culprit. The only change that happened was that LL opened a direct channel for us to get our adjustments returned promptly. We have had no update on 1) how the phishing is occurring (so much so that the larger SL public is hardly even being warned about a new type of phishing scam) 2) if there is anything we can do to help LL catch the offender(s) 3) what they intend to do to make it harder for the offender to continue this scam (I strongly believe this needs to be two tier verification so we can cut off the money supply) and 4) where is all the stolen stuff? (is there a black market mega store I don't know about?). I have chosen to relist with the assumption I will continue to get hit but that LL will refund me in such fraudulent cases. Essentially as long as they are agreeing to refund me I am agreeing to be patient with them for long term solutions and to have the extra job of filing tickets and keeping in touch with other resellers. I suggest you do what makes you comfortable, I do not have an Inworld store and never wanted one but many do and some have chosen for peace of mind to stop selling on the MP until LL implements changes. As I am a decorator and am always looking for specific things I was super upset about this situation causing so many resellers to delist as it meant I would probably need to hunt for the items I wanted inworld. I have adjusted though and send my shopping list to the resellers I know. That seems to be working. So I think we will all adjust accordingly. I truly hope LL's saves the MP, but I will enjoy my Second life in spite of this! I think we can be both grateful to the tremendous efforts of Kristin and Patch but at the same time be rightfully disappointed at the Labs for knowing about these security risks in 2017 and not finding solutions then.
  7. Super fast resolution from Kristin and the team!
  8. I had another Linden adjustment yesterday for a purchase from the 2/2/2020. I have opened a new case hopefully it will be resolved promptly. I still stand with what I have been saying from the start. The Labs need to implement two tier verification as fast as possible. We need to cut off these criminals from the money. No money no incentive.
  9. All the solutions we have discussed in this forum will without question take the Labs time to discuss and even longer to implement. As long as they are keeping this dedicated channel open for us to file wrongful adjustments I will be listing. So we now have a bit of extra paper work to do.... I can live with that 😁
  10. The people who had their accounts hacked were getting their money back in the initial adjustment the problem was that the resellers lost the money and were never returned their gacha. Now LL has decided to refund the sellers too.
  11. @Dessi Tyran I am a tad ignorant what exactly is the modern copybot scam ie are people copy botting gacha and selling them at very low prices on the MP? How easy is it for them to create a flawless copy these days? (I assume if people kept finding defects and contacted the person they thought was the original designer the scammer would be exposed quite quickly and presumably this is a long term gig).
  12. It is even simpler then that I think Tanja, when any person tries to buy Linden Dollars they should have to put in their password and get sent a verification code to their email on record or phone. cut off the Lindens and the scammers won't even be coming on the MP
  13. And I think the most important thing is two stage verification because if it becomes much harder for scammers to get hold of people's Linden all the other scams sort themselves out pretty much...
  14. I am still not relisting my MP things though until they start doing this for all let us know what measures they have implemented... Awesome for you though Marquis!
  15. I do area searches too but still have to 1) wait for these enormously packed sims to load 2) Sim hop to a whole bunch of sims. The MP is convenient. Cool idea with the grouping.
  16. On a proactive note: There are many Gacha groups in SL however in most the sellers just post links to their MP stores or locations to their shops (and then close down the group chat window). I, like quite a few I know, do not want to run around enormous yard sales or sims with gacha stores to find specific items I want. I am inclined to create a new group where buyers can post for the specifics they are looking for and get IMs from sellers. And sellers can list off a couple of their items for sale and state IM me for a notecard with my complete offerings or the like. I am primarily a buyer not a major reseller like many of you however if it wasn't for you guys and your vast inventories on MP I would have to spend so much more time hunting down items i want. If this idea resonates with you or if you have any suggestions please send me a NC or IM Inworld so we can keep this forum primarily focused on the main topic (kinda hypocritical I know but I want to find a way forward!). Please don't leave SL big resellers! You have made life so much sweeter for decorators like me.
  17. Yup the more LL sees MP sales drop the more their bottom line is affected and the more incentive they have to act. They have shareholders wait until they have to explain that because they had no fail safes in place a few scammers were able to cause a large number of re-sellers to delist and that is why quarterly profits fell 5% Sansar is already a very big cash gobbler haha
  18. Well if that is the case then the only solution is for some kind of verification code and even if the Lab is willing to do that there is no way they will implement it very quickly so ya MP is dead to me right now (and of course they could go sim hopping to buy gacha but that will make their scamming much more time consuming I would think so that certainly would make it less attractive for them. The MP is a quick and easy candy store that allows them to filter based on price). Your move Linden Labs your move...
  19. Correct but the scammer will have to be sure the person isn't logged on then. Plus if they do log on first and find all the stuff they might quickly change their password. The point is it makes it a little more difficult not much more but every bit helps.
  20. Allowing for the gift option to be disabled will not entirely solve the problem of course it just makes the scam harder as they will not only have to hack the account but also be logged into that account Inworld so they can send the items manually to their alts. No doubt the scammer will adapt but the more difficult it becomes for them to do this scam the more likely they are to look for another unlawful gig. That is why in an earlier post I said that allowing the gift option toggle to store owners should be the immediate step to stop the heavy bleeding and that LL will need to look into two tier verification for purchasing Linden such as an email or SMS with a verification code as has become common online.
  21. Thanks for this. As others have pointed out the IP solution will not work unfortunately.
  22. Nope because until we have any reason to suspect otherwise those people whose avatars are hijacked are just as much victims as us they are merely a host for a day and by the time we block them the damage has already been done. The hijacker is doing a quick shopping spree because they do not know when their victim will try to log in again. What I would like to do is reach out to some of these victims and ask them how they got hacked because the how is what we should be spreading so that there can be less victims (if anyone knows how they are hacking these people please say so). And as others have said in protest and to protect ourselves we must delist whatever we cannot afford to loose from the MP until LL comes back to us with a pragmatic solution and if they cannot then we must all reasses the best way to proceed. I do not own an inworld store and never wanted one but if that is the route I must go so be it. As a decorator I am not going to stop buying gacha, working with resellers and needing to sell off stuff I am no longer using and I am sure many resellers have no desire to stop selling in SL entirely. LL's stands to loose the most here because they get a big 10% commission from this and there will unlikely be a need for much more Land even if most of us only sell in world. The resellers are the only way LL gets a cut on gachas as it it is because the creators sell everything on their MP's except those. Also many SL designers have better prices and discounts inworld then on their MP stores so more and more business is moving Inworld or to events (just as LL was trying to clean up the MP and increased their commission so that they could start to diversify their income model away from Land). Please LInden Labs it is Monday we want to be your partner and work with you; find a way to sort this out.
  23. There have been at least 3 different old avatars that have been hacked and 3 different newbies that have been gifted so though I am sure it is probably only one or two people doing the hacking and owning all of these alts it won't help us to block the initial victims. I would love to know how he is getting their passwords though we should be spreading the word about that so we can minimize those who get hacked.
  24. Not sure how naming people works here but I just had a purchase made by someone whose avatar is 8 years old and online (not responding to IMs) and the item was delivered to an avatar who is a day old. This seems extremely organized surely LL's can see it's the same few people via their IP address. Why are they not putting a permanent ban on them.
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