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  1. Well, the old Snowglobe only eats about 150-200mb of memory and gives me more FPS than you will ever have with your Viewer 3. Probably my graphic card will live longer too. ^ ^
  2. It worked with me too. So anyone knows why is this happening? I'd like to keep using Sky Drive software...
  3. If you have Sky Drive software installed, uninstall it and try to upload again. It worked with me. Read this: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/Second-Life-standard-viewer-click-upload-crash/td-p/1503589
  4. As far as I can tell, at the moment, Radegast viewer is the best alternative for Netbooks. Radegast is basically a text-only viewer for Second Live, but it has a 3D scene viewer (not present in Metabolt viewer), which helps you to see where you are and correct the position of your avatar. Local voice chat also works, you just need to copy five files from Viewer 1.23 to the Radegast main folder (alut.dll, ortp.dll, SLVoice.exe, vivoxsdk.dll and wrap_oal.dll). You can visit Radegast website here and here. It's a very nice project that deserves to be supported (I don't have any kind of connection to the project). I just hope this suggestion helps someone.
  5. I'm not british, in my country we say "querida". Querida, fofa, linda, borracho, amorzinho, doce, gata, gostosa. Kiss and bye bye
  6. Thank you for replying, Coby!!! You were very helpful, like always...
  7. Good for you, honey!!! Here, Viewer 3 eats at least 600mb RAM, reaches 100% of CPU usage often, and keeps CPU at 60ºC or more. I really like when people say... "Do you have problems? Are you sure?! Because I don't !!!". That's very clever.
  8. Is there a small, light and fast mesh viewer? Anyone knows if that miracle exists? While I still can't find such rarity, I'll keep using a non-mesh viewer.
  9. Yes, I know that! But at least my graphic card isn't melting in heat with Viewer 2/3... it's just too resources intensive.
  10. I use Snowglobe v1.1.3. Guess what: it still works. Thank you, Lord. I also would prefer Snowglobe v0.0.0 instead of the heavy beasts (Viewer 2, 3, etc.). The perfect viewer must be: SMALL, LIGHT and FAST. Unfortunately, it doesn't exists.
  11. 1. Those who come here making fun of people who can't play SL because they have old hardware; 2. Those who insist that everyone can play SL with almost any machine (which is completely false); 3. Those who don't have any suggestion to give rather than "buy a new PC"; This thread isn't for you. If you have any valid suggestion in order to help people running RL in low powered machines, please feel free to reply. Thank you for understanding!
  12. Freya Mokusei, please, don't be boring... Those users who come here making fun of people who can't play SL because they have old hardware; those users who insist that everyone can play SL with almost any machine (which is completely false); those users who don't have any suggestion to give rather than "buy I new PC" - these users are doing nothing here. They are not helpful. Simply as that.
  13. Freya Mokusei, did your answer help someone?... Again: no.
  14. 16, don't worry about it. People who can't play Second Life or just ruined their PC/Laptop/Netbook trying to access SL, they know very well what low powered hardware is. Freya Mokusei, did your answer help someone? No. That is what I was talking about...
  15. To Coventina Dalgleish and eveyone that has been replying to this thread: Don't even bother to reply to this post if you don't have any valid suggestion to help people accessing Second Life with old/low powered hardware. If you think that SL is alive and it doesn't need more users in it or better viewer alternatives, you can keep your opinion to yourself. Open your own thread! Thank you
  16. Here's another discussion on the same theme: There is need for a “Lite” Second Life Viewer
  17. Don't worry about me, because my PC is able to run Second Life.... at least until the next update! I'm not thinking about myself. The thing is I'd like to see Second Life with more people - and REAL people - because all I see is fake users everywhere. So I made a suggestion: build a lighter viewer alternative. Or sell the game to Mark Zuckerberg. I don't even have a Facebook account but perhaps he will find a way to bring people to SL... LOL
  18. Everyone is smelling "trolls" nowdays, whenever they find someone who doesn't agree with their point of views. If you don't have any arguments, just call the other guy a "troll". Ahahahah... kids
  19. LL are paying you to come here and say these nerdy things? I can't find other explanation! :matte-motes-nerdy:
  20. You all look so distant from the reality that I truly believe that you are all dead and no one has warned you yet...!
  21. Second Life is dead. Completely abandoned. Don't even bother to deny it. The only way to call people back into the game again is by building better viewer alternatives. Everyone should be able to run SL on a browser with a low-powered machine.
  22. Just go read other recent topics about people who are complaining that they can't no longer use Viewer 2 after the last updates. Viewer 2 DOESN'T RUN on hardware fiting the minimum system requeriments. End of story.
  23. The SL nerdies soon will tell you to buy a hole new and expensive computer, just to play their little game.
  24. Serith, if you're not lying: I would pay you too if you just show me that heavy beast called "Viewer 2" running on a 800 MHz Pentium III with XP, 512 MB or more, NVIDIA GeForce 6600, and DSL connection. Ahahahahah!!! Then we could continue to talk, Until then, it's useless.
  25. In fact, Second Life takes too long just starting/loading... even withOUT updates.
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