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  1. Hello! And Welcome! You are welcome to hang with me and my friend anytime! Sometimes when my roommate isn't online I get bored and lonely so it would be nice to have someone to hang with! IM me in world and we can get together and go shopping or exploring or what not
  2. you could try a shirt layer? unless you were looking for the shirt to be mesh too...?
  3. Robin here! Making lasting friendships on sl has seemed to be pretty difficult. Most people seem to drop off the face of the earth or are only interested in that "one thing". I have recently acquired a home and decked it out to the nines! But find myself pacing around wishing I had people to share in the experience with. I am a really nice, fun person. I like to draw, watch movies, and listen to pandora radio. In sl, I like to go to clubs and dance, and talk to new people, as well as SHOPPING! lol Please give me an IM and I will invite you to my home and we can chill out and or we can hit up a club or beach and have fun! Either way, I am down! :D PS: sorry for any typos... keyboard tends to stick...
  4. I am trying to get it where I can see mesh. I have tried Dolphin, Second life, Imprudence, and Singularity viewers and either they look like a huge deformed donut or it is invicible. My Mac is OS X 10.6.8 with 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. I read somewhere that I should update my graphics card but it is the the newest. I need help so whoever can figure out my problem I would be greatly appreciative!
  5. Z&R Ceremonies and Honeymoon Resort is looking for the following positions to be filled: - Securitiy Guards - sculptors - Receptionists - Promoters - waiters - sculptors (deseparatly need...) - Rental attendant - Masseuse (for spa) - sculptors (I am serious...) - bartenders Please fill out an application in world! Thank you :D http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orchid%20LagoonYourHOME/208/29/22
  6. Well i have tried that but it is dificult to find exactly what i am looking for... plus textures
  7. I desperately need a sculptor for food dishes for my restaurant... i dont have the software (or skills...)... and I have a cafe in desperate need for food... I have a list of the dishes I need made and it would be nice if you could texture them too... I will pay whatever the sculptor feels is a legitimate price for the dishes i need! I have a place mat so just need the food to rezz! Please help! it is kind of an emergency and i am about to loose hope! If someone could tell me a free software to sculpt that would be great too! Thank you and IM me for the list! or stop by the cafe/wedding venue... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orchid%20LagoonYourHOME/208/29/22
  8. We are in need of a promoter and marketer for our brand new venue, Z&R Ceremonies and Café. We also have a honeymoon resort in the making too. Just fill out an application inworld or IM me (Robin Vesios). http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nara/210/25/37
  9. I have a promoting job for you. If you can IM me in world we can discuss the job and a paycheck!
  10. Me and my co worker are looking for an assistant to help organize reservations, scout for customers, etc. Please fill out application inworld! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nara/210/25/37 We are a ceremonie venue for wedding, birthdays, etc. We also have a cafe.
  11. I am making doors for a honeymoon resort and i need for the doors to be lockable and only accessed by the owner and the customer staying in the room... can someone help me bc i can't seem to find a good one in the marketplace.
  12. Hello, Z&R Ceremony Venue and Café is looking to hire a personal sculptor. We are looking for someone who is good at sculpting food and drinks for our café and honeymoon resort. We will discuss payment with the sculptor, but we plan on giving a weekly payment. We have a list of all the dishes we need sculpted and textured. Please be sure to show us an example of past work and please contact me inworld and visit Z&R Ceremony Venue and Café. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nara/237/21/37
  13. Thank you so much. I will look into these options
  14. I have this wedding/ ceremony venue in sl... and I need to advertise and wasn't sure where was a good place to do that. If anyone can give me some ideas of places to advertise inworld and out of sl that would be so great :D
  15. Z&R Ceremony Venue (and Cafe) About Our Venue We are a new and budding venue for weddings and other ceremonies. We are located on a quaint hill top in a rural area by the ocean. We also have an outdoor cafe with a pool that is open whenever we aren't helping with a ceremony (pool is open on warm days). Positions for Hire We are looking for the following positions: Waiters/waitresses (for cafe and for catered events)Bartenders (for outdoor bar and indoor bar)DJ (won't be needed until events have been Scriptors (to help with various items that need modifying)Sculptors/ Sculpting teachers (we are trying to come up with innovative food and lack the knowledgeReceptionistMinister (for wedding ceremonies)Please go to Z&R inworld to get an application, fill it out, and place it in our Mail Box located ouside of the building by the front door (under the lamp). http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nara/228/20/34
  16. I know you are looking for guy friends but maybe interested in girl friends! haha IM me sometime!
  17. Hello! I too am looking for some awesome girlfriends to hang with! IM me in sl! My name is Robin Vesios!
  18. Hello! I am Robin! I have recently purchased a house and realized it gets quite lonely! I would love to through parties and dinners and other fun stuff! I just wish I had more friends on here to share those fun times with! Please IM me in sl or reply! I would love to get to know all of you! :D
  19. I am having a bachelorette party tonight at 8pm sl time! And you are invited! :D There will be cake and and party favors (also a male dancer ;D). The bachelorette is Zimly and she is getting married tomorrow and I want this party to be one she will never forget! IM me (Robin Vesios) in world for a landmark! Hope to see ya! and feel free to chat here! :D
  20. My friend is getting married this weekend and i am trying to put together a bachelorette party. The only thing i am missing is the male dancer... Granted I have never put together a bachelorette party before so i have no idea where to find these guys. I didn't know where to post this so sorry if RP is the wrong forum. Please let me know if you know someone who can help me or if you yourself would like to help! I am willing to pay almost any offer and i would only need him for no longer than 30 mins (if even that long) haha Thanx! IM in world if you like as well! :D Robin Vesios
  21. Hello! I am Robin Vesios! I would love to hang out with you in world sometime! just IM me when you can! I am online almost all the time PS: Toy Poodles are adorable!
  22. Hi, Abby! You sound like a nice person and I would love to talk to you more in world! Add me and say Hi when you can! I am on almost all the time! haha :3
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