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  1. That's a nice looking Siren, really cool wings, is it from BareRose?
  2. Wow, Marianne! you made a really beautiful avatar that is literally almost free. Regarding The Shop's mesh hands and feet, do you happen to know if they include male versions too?
  3. Wow, the avatar you put together looks really good. Can't believe it only cost 12L for all of it, very cool.
  4. It's a custom made AO, I use individually brought animations into a seamless sit zhaoII and 2 of the animations were no copy, so the AO became no copy. I was upgrading it by adding an all priority4 animation set into the AO. The bug sucks :smileysad: , but it is what is it, now I'm just more cautious with my inventory stuff.
  5. I went to a sandbox, rez my AO in-world and put in some new animations I've brought; two of them is no copy. After I finished, I take it back into my inventory, but instead I got a system error message of "can not create requested inventory" and the AO just Disappears; Not in world and not in my inventory. Did the cache clears in preferences and reinstalled the viewer, but still nothing. I guess my item is gone forever? I had the "can not create requested inventory" error before when I try to wear clothings or change shapes, but even getting the message it still wore the cl
  6. Thank you for the information.
  7. Hi all, I've recently came back to SL from been away for a few years, now that I've return I really like the addition of mesh. My question with mesh is when I go the stores they have some listed as non-rigged mesh, rigged mesh and last liquid mesh. From what I've gather non-rigged mesh is like prims and rigged mesh moves along with your avatar, but what's liquid mesh? Also, some mesh clothing or hair seems to disappear when I zoom the camera away from my avatar and it's not even far away either, but when I zoom it back it reappears., is this a bug and can it be fixed?
  8. Under a facelight or having direct light hitting your face; the eyes gives off this full bright slight glow effect.
  9. The thing with Akeyo AOs is that; while they're great animations, they're overly price.
  10. Most of my eyes are from Insufferable Dastard and Fashism (now IKON). My favorite eyes are the light sensitive eyes from Insufferable Dastard, those eyes rock !
  11. That marketplace skin looks alot like an Gala Phoenix/Curio skin.
  12. Yeah; I agree with Charolotte , it looks like Al Vulo! skin with no facelight. The second skin looks like it's from Filthy skin. Good luck, hope you find it.
  13. Hey Lace, I'm getting back into Second Life, I was away for a while and alot of my good friends no longer play anymore; so off to make some new friends. I'm Noni Grantly and I'm a Merman in game.
  14. MADesigns has a good selection of male shapes. As for skins, The Body Co; their skin is amazing, Also Ispachi and DNA has nice ones too.
  15. Your friend sounds kindna like a douche, Regardless, he really wasn't much of a real friend if he cuts off his connections with you over the way of how "you" want your avatar to dress, you're better off without him. Do what makes you happy, comfortable and passionate of, This is "your" Second life and not other peoples. There's a lot of closeminded and stuck up people in Second life, but there's just as many openminded and accepting people.
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