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  1. New cafe in sl, easy going setting and music. Great for new-comers to sl or old once who simply want conversation. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ruby%20Caye/139/48/22
  2. The ships slayer mentioned are great ships but not allowed at some of the combat estates , if you go with SSS, ships and Rss At Shipyards they are certifieyed at all sailing sims here is a link and it is up to date . SL Approved Combat Ships 2014
  3. Hello i am working on a new online community for combat rp battles of sl. Looks like a news paper but content is driven socially and offer marketing tools . Also it is great way to promote your events in your groups notices so this way your members can read offline instead of logging in to get the note-card. As right now the site looks more directed towards the 18th centurey as many of us play in that time line but the site is open for any combat in sl and we will Make adjustments as the industry dictates we will make improvement as we go along . Just Look for me and im me for any requests
  4. Hi! Used to host fishing games to attract people to he sims for events or contest. Most of the time I fine they are in privet IMs and just camp out there, just like at cubs most people are in privet IMs an don't bother with local chat . They go to the fishing- games just to grab the goods and leave, most of the times when it is done you still see the avatars just stting there still fshing so I gather they could be bots or alts. If you want to meet people try out sandboxs that is where i met a lot of nice people. Do a search for " Hobo Island ", it is a fun place and a great welcome community
  5. Hello i will be hosting a photo competition and the them will be Vintage Pin Up Girls. This is to promote a new web portal for sl concerning about anything related to racing. But please come to this location and join the group and we will make an amusement shortly When it will start and finish plus we would like to give it time for people to be able to work on their creativity. We will be giving out gifts in the group as well and will have other competitions in the future concering photo challenges’ and it is free to enter. No cost Please visit this location and touch the board to join th
  6. Like to invite all role players , coordinator , RP Estate owers, builders and much more to join a new online network. A great tool for people to meet others with the same common interest . Take advantage of posting any events local or privet. Plenty if great free marketing tools for land rental, marketing your role-play estate and ideas. Free advertising on our marketplace Props , buildings , rp cloths and much more and link them to your sl market placeand inworld stores There are many more options available when you log in Please take advantage of the new growing online community
  7. Steve Decker: Walks up to newspaper dispenser and pulls out his few linden he has left and notice a café across the street thinking to himself “ Bloody Hell if I buy a news paper I can’t afford a coffee”, decides to forget about the print for now and scurries across the heavily traffic street that leads to the highway 40 and almost just got ran over by a truck knowing if he was only two apples closer he would have been gone goose. Finally all tired and sweaty reaches the entrance and before he reaches the door he sees a reflection of himself looking like a nerf herder and takes a moment to gro
  8. I could never be a master, but from a few of the lady’s and men I know who loved to be domed you can sort of pick out there true to heart Roleplay and the once that want company and are in ooc all the time. Many seek out Gore RP because of accessibility to fine a master and in fact they should be someplace else. There are groups who mix a lot of ooc and just love the style of gore but by fare they break all the rp rules and they know there just doing an off shoot. I am a firm believer that the role play should be kept in sl but you see a trend of people reaching out further using skype and o
  9. If a mayan tempo is more you sceen there is two places i know of that have natives rp and they rp more in the 18th century ,there both huge etstates with 14 sims attached and plenty of sailing waters . "Carribean seas" and Fair Winds( Dominica) just located to the east of fair winds port. many people also do sail Junks in these waters so you have a choice what theme you want to do as long it is in the same time line and like fair winds the owners are alwasy open to new ides. They use SPD Meters and there free incuding free give aways for the basics SLRP HUB
  10. The sl Rp world is your oyster. So here is some things you might find a defiant is Many Rp’s use short text in a rp and some well you have to wait up to 5 min for a response. When you enter a rp sim look to see if you can fine a OOC tag giver and wear it. Observe for a while till you get the feel on the style the locals are using. I Have a short span of attention so I go for the quick response and not try to make it to difficult as I rp with many people around the world so I don’t want to make the translation to hard. But some many peoples styles are paragraph writing. “ this is where you hav
  11. If you RP in the Crack Den im me inworld I have a few friends that love a good rp In Dark Urban. Well one is a bit crazy but hey !!! hahah www.slrphub.com
  12. Thanks for the post :matte-motes-big-grin: I have a friend was asking the same thing. She was wondering if there was any good RP spaceports of any kind. Ill send her the link to this thread www.slrphub.com
  13. Great!! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: The Continentals in the Blake Sea are a great naval battle outfit I am glad you’re going to infuse Role Play. I Role play with the Royal Navy as a Privateer to take down the dreaded pirates. But I Battle with the Continentals Every Monday nights at 8slt in Blake Sea then on Wednesday at 8:00 slt in Fair WInds, but if anybody reads this, there are ship to ship battles that break out anytime at these sims with Role Play as well . A lot of fun when you have too interrogate the basties. Want adventure I would highly look into this RP. :matte-motes-evil:
  14. Try Crack Den this is a dark Urban RP and is a larg sim and lots of People role playing all the time.
  15. Oh By the way i forgot to mention it works verry well with smart phones and tablets :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
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