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  1. What a great-amazing info given. I will check them all today. Thank you soo very much for taking the time to write tmem down. Adam
  2. It's been a few days I registered into this game. I met some people and as I thought it did not least long. Most of the people just need people to send them their groups invitation, or teleport to club IM-is that a friendship? No it certainly is not. At the moment I have around 50 people on my friendlist-If I talk with 6-7people who actually reply or do care about me is emough. Reason of this tread is: I am looking for a people to share and spend time with. What that means? It means to actually play the game. Walking around, searching for places, do activities. I do not mind clubbing too but at least is nice to know the person who asking me to teleport. So I am still looking for such friends and probably always will. For friends who smile with you, care about you, spending time. You can count on them, cry in their arms or having the best time of your life. The options are endless just it has one rule: non of us should be dead to do so :-) soooooo anyone?
  3. Well I am a new player of SL, I joined recently as I have a friend who could never shut up about SL. That makes me pretty wonder in time and registered. Being new is a hard bit. Really depend who you meet in your first few days as it may afect your wiev of the game. When I am bored-I chatt with people in IM, or dancing in my favourite club. When I am on a kill bill mode I rather use ingame search for a nice places to spend alone some time.
  4. Glad I found this tread. I am also looking for a non Arnie shape arm boxed skin. lol Yesterday I spend soo much time looking and looking and all my friends hates me now coz I could not choose any. Thank you for the great tips :-)
  5. Hello dear and everyone :matte-motes-big-grin: I would also be very happy to be your friend and hamg out together. All you need to know is that I am mad, crazy and happy person. Sometimes I am more naughty then smart but in a total I am just a party doll :-) So yes, I would love to meet you very much. Adam
  6. I would also like to add that I would be greatful to meet guys from EUROPE as most of my day I am alone, just exploring SL. Thank you everyone.Adam
  7. Amazing Syo!!! Thank you soo very much! :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  8. Thank you very much :-):matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  9. Hello Syo, your post just bright my day! How could I say NO to such offer? Of course I would be more than happy to join you in a club to see your moves-hihihihihihi Most of the tme I am in game at evenings Europe time, so I hope to see ya around . Thank you very much for taking the time to post here :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:. Adam
  10. Last night I was in my very favourite club and already asked about the conditions. I spoke to owner who told me all I need it to know so I can start work on it well. Thank you soo much for your advice. I think is probably the best. I also understand that it will takes a little time for people with jobs to trust me well enough as I am new. So yes, just as you said. Walking around, meeting people, asking about the jobs. Thank you very much. Any more ideas?
  11. It did happened to me in another game I also play. To me is simple. Before I get a long term relationship I talk to person, getting to know. If the person tells me he is a man and then I find he is a woman-there is no exusse at all. Part of the game is making friends, relationship. You can either romance with anything that moves or building relationships. I am the one intend to build relationship so if in a process of having nice trustfull relationship I found that man behing avatar is woman-kinda puts me of to do a gay sex with woman. I do not mean we need to talk about real life, no way but at least the sex of avatars should be respected. My avatar is design to love man, which is hard to do with a woman behind the other character. So in total-If I found the male avatar is a woman behind-never be able to be sexually or romanticly close.
  12. Hello Amy, many thanks for your advice. :-) Adam
  13. Hello everyone, My name is Adam and I am few days old, also I have experiences with games like this. As a new person I am seeking for friends so I would better say few things about me. In game- My name is Adam. I love dancing and clubbing but also chatting people.The reason Why I am seeking for friends is simple. I actually want a friends, not just people added in my friend list. I am active human which needs someone to talk to, someone to laugh with and have a great time. Friends in my eyes are people who share time together, explore things together, helping each other. I am gay, honest, crazy, happy, silly, kind and who knows what else. lol So if there is someone who would like to know me better I would be happy. Althopugh, I do not look for arogant people to friend with. I respect everyone so I am seeking for friends at least with basic manner to be able to communicate. I kinda like a darkside I am exploring these days in game. SL-soo far soo good. I really like this game and soo enjoy it. So far I met a great people and I hope to meet more. So boys and girls- Where you at? :-)
  14. Hello everyone! My name is Adam. I am very friendly person. I love talking to people and getting to know new wayes of communication. Recently, I would like to start a career of HOST or DANCER. I would prefer an europe clubs as in RL I am from Europe. I know I am knew and all that jazzy but I am willing to learn and do as best as I can. I am online around 5 hours in evenings and during weeken most of the time. My qualities-I am chatty, flirty, friendly and love people around. :-*) Thank you everyone for reading it. Adam
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