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  1. I'm looking for someone to start a family with, I am single, bisexual, my avi is 21 years old and i'm not interested in anything sexual! Just a nice family to rp with, I'm looking for a partner, parents, brothers, sisters, kids, The whole shibang! Please contact me inworld and we can chat :)
  2. I would appriciate that a lot thank you
  3. In the past I have done medical roleplay and loved it but i cant seem to find a medical roleplay community inworld! :( If someone can please please help me out that would be awesome, I'm quite shy and I really want to break out of my shell and meet some new people! Thank you all :)
  4. My screen name is Addie Black, flick me an inworld IM
  5. I'm finding it very hard finding friends in second life right now and i would love it if some friendsly people could get in touch with me and we can chat and hopefully become friends :)
  6. oh thank you hey contact me inworld: Addielee resident
  7. by a few hundred i mean 466 but i get more each week with my premium membership
  8. okay so i have a few hundred lindens but i have no idea what to buy any ideas?
  9. Well im a lonely person in second life im always by myself So about me Im: friendly caring love to talk 23 weeks pregnant with twin boys working as a nurse so send me an IM or respond to this I would love to hear from you
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