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  1. 4000 m 1373 li Roadside and waterside Near Linden Village http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Derwent/228/219/39
  2. surely the height of parcel privacy boundary is 96 m.... So if anyone is above that and you have privacy on in your parcel, they can't see you anyway... when I have used an orb I usually use the one where I can use markers, so it literally covers the parcel boundaries up to 100 m ... 400m is high... Can't shoot down the planes/........ umm j/k hehehe
  3. I crash on tp's even with cntrl shift alt 6 altho not as much, this derenders the sky (as it supposed to be something to do with the new environmental stuff they have rolled through) sometimes I get messages saying my tp's are blocked and to relog, so either I have to relog or I crash lol... I did speak to helpchat today and they did say they were aware of the issues and were working on it. I love the new stuff they are excitedly bringing out, but wish it was so less buggy....
  4. what and why are we getting parcel id could not be resolved??? no region is still there as we are on a h/s .... hmmmm is our home... very weird lol
  5. I've often had things vanish, from places I've rented, to my own land, sometimes I rezz them and poof they gone, no return, just *not found in database*. I have no idea why sl gets the munchies and things vanish, its really annoying especially things you have paid for. Would love to know why, have never issued a ticket tho, think the lindens prob have more to worry about than a vanishing bath etc..
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