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  1. bactine, you should know, that when " I " shoot off at people, its only the ones greifing either the voice server, or imparing movements, or visuals, I.E. Crashers, Greifer prim emiters, Particle emitters, so on, i dont spout off to decent people who come in just to say HI or hang around to chat or meet people, AND on the rare occasion that i engage with a troll or griefer, its to get them to leave the sim, and to someone just showing up and ignorant to the situation it may seem like such, and im not "WELL KNOWN" for it, I invite you to ask anyone around what it is that im known for, it is my helpfull hand in everything from advice RL or SL, Sim management and building, and anything i can possible offer. that statement you made was offensive and incorrect\, a statement not properly thought through. i invite anyone to any welcome areas to make your own judgements of what actually takes place and by whom
  2. @ Marigold Devin you have to understand, that many or all of us that hangout in welcome areas, do not want a "Second Life" we do not care anything for it, we dont wish to have one, we simply enjoy chatting in good means for fun in 1st life, on a 3d program, this is the concept you may not be understanding, We do not hide behind avitars, we do not play a role other then creating a personal avitar, we are the same people in RL as in SL, most of us know what each other look like numerous people find friends close to them IRL and meet up as friends, you meet awesome people, and Skype / tinychat often in groups While talking in SL, WE "keep it real" and thats how we like it. True many people that have a second life, do take breaks and becoem themselves when talking in voice to groups of regular people in welcome areas. We do not go to clubs and dance because thats what RL is for, we dont hangout in vitrual bars and drink and flirt like it fills some gap were missing, or gives us some false sense of acomplishment, We dont get into the fashon industries or jobs fields in second life, we have real jobs and real lives that matter most to us, This is why we all get along so well, we dont hide anything, and it MUST be recognized as a part of SL. Thanks bro .... LOVE johnny B,
  3. Aside form the matter, few minutes after the post all 4 sims went on restart countdown, And also, Welcome areas are not all just newbies looking for help, there is actually communites that dont want anything else to do with second life other then chat on an open public forum voice and text, myself included, We dont find alot of the aspects of second life appealing, for us, its is a 3d chat program, and people have been comming to these areas since they open and have made many friends, true that people do venture out and do things on SL to their liking, but many patorns of the welcome area hangout groups, always spend time at them, just have a visit to certain spots around SL welcome areas youll notice many people talk to and act as friends, and many only come on sl to be in their areas, Its on a whole different level then most of SL, Its more personal and Real, By real i mean keeping it real, real names, real pictures, real video chat rooms and just shoot the SH*T so to speak, that is how many like it, only problem is that even tho its great that they are public areans for new ppeople to meet and greet, also a curse they are public and LL controlled, with no form of adminship, And the main thing, anyone form these areas will sware to, is that Abuse reports, dont work, the same griefers the same trolls stay for very long peroid of times, months and if enough time goes by and enough people report the accounts get banned, but hey, whats stoppping them from jumping on another character, I have whitnessed steps taken by LL to get rid of the griefers and the mute button works great, BUT, i watch griefers stand in an adjescent sim and clickc on an object in the sim, and crash it. many many times, something is out of wack. Thank you for your imput and response, and hope thigs always get better PS. Bring back last names ! i missed my change at one when they were still doing them and i had no clue, and now realize how much they do mean to people's avitars isntead of the dreaded "RESIDENT" STAMP
  4. Crashings every day 20+ times per day, Right now there are people that find it to be absolutly funny to crash sims with many people in them just to get their jollys off, Im not here to degrade or downtalk anyone, but these crashes are causing real damage others computer equipment, and possibly Lindin Labs servers themselves, lately, in the welcome enter of Korea 1, 2, 3, and 4, There has been malatious attacks agains the simulators themselves, causing them to crash and stay down, And or, when comming back up, not allowing people ot entere without causing a client crash, its a ghost town that nobody can enter, some of these areas are for hte most part, the best part of SL, its an open forum for people to generalize and talk among friends and strangers alike, to get help and to offer help, outside the controll of lindin labs, A sim truly worth keeping up to date and online, Note: Kroea 3 and Korea 2 are the main welcome area Hubs, with all the destination boards, help areas, and hotstop board, Now the only problem is, The areas are now "NO SCRIPTS" and hence the areas ment to guide new people, its useless because they are "Bricked" from running scripts as well,
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