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  1. Thanks for the advise! I highly appretiate it. Cost is really not a huge factor but since elements is about $100, it aint bad. I am looking at GIMP right now but I am still leaning towards elements 10. But you never know...
  2. one way to solve this is adjusting your graphics level. I placed mine all the way down, and tweeked it a little bit to get decent quality. I run Firestorm and pheonix viewers
  3. Welcom to SL! Hope you will enjoy SL as much as I do. I am almost 19 in RL age. I am always looking for friends here. Dont forget about visiting the forums as well, like I did.
  4. I am getting into photoshopping photos for lindens. i was thinking of doing "avatar to abstract/real life photos", and "face swapping" kind of deals. i plan on buying elements 10 since it is cheaper than any cs programs. as far as i know, elements and cs are the only 2 programs that are good to use. ive tried the trial for elements 10, but not cs5 yet. Should i just save alittle more for CS5 or just go with elements 10?
  5. IM tired of looking for my RL skin in SL. It can be close to it. IM looking for a skin that's medium color with 4-6 pack abs. or something like Johnny depp as jack sparrow but darker. a Latino look, with a mustache and a goatee and short hair, preferably a fade or something, I appreciate it if you would gift it to me. Thanks :)
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