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  1. Yes, thats also a posibility. They use this with the door scripts
  2. Yes, the warning is there for a long time
  3. I found a way to store and retrieve data:( a friend of mine told me) Retrieve data: state_entry() { list setting=llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TEXT]); CurrentLink= llList2Integer(setting, 0); } Store CurrentLink in this way: string text=(string)CurrentLink; llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TEXT,text, ZERO_VECTOR,0.0 ]);
  4. Both, script and Sim restart
  5. I have a visitor counter. The counter also makes a graph. How can I save the data, so that when I restart the data is still there. I know I can store it in a notecard but I have seen ( protected) examples without a notecard.
  6. Yes, they are the same length. I have considerd to make one list instead of four different en change the index, but first I wanted to know if it was possible to do it at the way I asked. Thank you verry much Mollymews, it was just what I was looking for!
  7. I have four lists. I want to select one of the four lists depending of a selection. How can I use a variable instead of the list name. This example does not work, but I want something like that: string ListName="T2"; string texture= llList2String(ListName, counter);
  8. //Linkable Multiprim Sliding Door -- Rolig Loon -- March 2011 // All prims in the door must be named "DOOR", and none can be the root prim of the linkset integer gON = 1; // Change to -1 to reverse the direction of opening float gDistance; // Adjust to set the distance the door should move long its local Y axis default { touch_start(integer total_number) { if (llGetLinkName(llDetectedLinkNumber(0)) == "DOOR") { integer i; for (i=2;i<=llGetNumberOfPrims();++i) { if (llGetLinkName(i) == "DOOR") { list temp = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(i,[PRIM_POSITION,PRIM_ROT_LOCAL]); rotation local_rot = (rotation)llList2String(temp,1); vector local_pos = ((vector)llList2String(temp,0)- llGetPos())/llGetRot(); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(i,[PRIM_POSITION,local_pos + (<0.0,gDistance *gON,0.0>*local_rot),PRIM_ROTATION,local_rot/llGetRot()]); } } gON = (-1)*gON; } } } This is really a bad script. The door has to be linked to the "root" prim. The movement and also position of the door, is related to the position of the root. So its almost impossible to find the right position of the door.
  9. I have the same problem. In Blender I see the picure on my mesh object. But in Second life there is no picture. I looked at several Tutorials like this one: I did excactly what they showed and before exporting I also checked "Include UV texture" and "Include Material Texture" But when I import the Mesh, it has only a grey color and no texture
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