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  1. Llorkh can be fun when people/characters are moreso into their characters and not into themselves too much. If people are having a bad day in RL, do not bring it into the RP sims of SL. Turns people off.
  2. 1. good vampire male Easy as finding a good guy to hang with and be with on SL, add some fangs on him, and there you got a great guy that looks like a vampire 2. good vampire male with clan influence Not so easy, since he has earned his place and is much sought by many before you, pretty much like going after Mr. Popular. How you need to attract a guy who has many, you need to distinguish yourself among the rest of the herd that is around him so he will notice you. 3. suit yourself to be among them To attract powerful people, you must look the part that you can handle a powerful person, act like them, speak like that, be like the creme de crop to attain it.
  3. How a woman carries herself is what I like and find attractive. How she walks, how she interacts, how she appeals to others. "What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god!" ---Hamlet (This quote was not meant to be gender-specific, but of the human species) Like Celestiall stated, confidence, intelligence and style is what defines beauty, not boobs, figure, and butt.
  4. Since my SL partner is my actual RL partner + love, we enjoy dancing and music in RL and SL. We both dress up in our most formal outfits (I love my white tux, she likes her black gown), and we head to the most snazziest dance places or concerts to enjoy the music, makes no difference if we are overly dressed or not. Sometimes we travel to different SIMs to see what is out there: sci-fi, western, cyberpunk, etc., there is always a new place to see in SL.
  5. Wow! I lost the gunfight even before I started. Excellent!
  6. Dressing up for a wonderful time with a beautul lady. Hope she likes the suit...she always did say she liked white suits.
  7. Perhaps it is because your avi looks hot? Just a personal opinion and a biased one since my personal preference leans towards smart women with glasses. :manhappy:
  8. Oooh got to check that place out if it as popular as you say it is.
  9. Good advice, I second Jackie's response. Looks and personality is what makes a person appealing, since people in SL cannot read your personality, they go by what you look like. If you look like someone that is not appealing and they are not responding to you kindly (remember how you speak with them can also affect their responses, it is not always other people's fault.), then change your appearance. Example: If you dress in black Goth stuff or look like a vampire (even if you are not trying to be either one), people will perceive you as something you are not. Dress casual so there is not misconceptions about you...I have street clothes which are casual, I have a business suit and I have evening clothes. How i ended up with many friends was that I joined into local chat of an area I liked, now this of course me going through a lot of areas until I found a place where the chatting was mature and decent, and not some weird stuff. I did not get my first friend in the first 2 weeks of SL...so be patient.
  10. Krayne: Sorry to hear that people have not given you a welcoming reception. Everyone that joins and plays SL does it for different reasons, so do expect that not everyone will be friendly (like all of us here). You just need to find a better area to hang out, and enter the local chat of the area. You may have to go through several places to do so before you find a comfortable area. I do know that females tend to have more attention (most places sell more scantily clad fashion for women versus number of men wear) and vampire-looking fashion (which may include Goth) does have a bit of a bad rep. My avi dresses like how I normally dress in rl: jeans, jacket and/or shirt, couple of arm tats..I get a lot of attention even when I am not starting a chat. Get a few different clothing types for yourself, change every so often...like you said superficial, yes SL is superficial, so try a different look... I have my street clothes, my business suit look, and my evening look in my inventory. Hope you have better luck...
  11. Maybe check out the sims and communities that draw a lot of teenage avis? High school sims? Or you could just do a search under concerts, RPG sims, and education and see what sort of groups and areas pop up on the search. Have fun and welcome to SL.
  12. I always choose LAQ skin for my avis. They are about 1990, shape is additional, as well as specific hair and specific eyes. You could get most of it for about 3000. Belleza and LAQ are known to be the expensive high quality stores for skins.
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