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  1. Thanks for suggestion, I already have ordered replacement card, just waiting for delivery. I can live with my workaround for that time. Then, with the new card, I will do a complete fresh install of graphic drivers, begining with Microsofts default one. Cheers, Emili
  2. Hi, because of a broken graphic card I've been forced to install my old one. However, with that video card latest Firestorm denies to start up when I'm connected to my computer via Remote Desktop Protocol, but it starts up when I'm connected via Teamviewer or when I'm sitting in front of my PC. And I wonder why? When I connect via Teamviewer first, to start this application, and then connect via RDP to my session, it works just fine either. Any idea how to get rid of this (in my case) senseless message and start Firestorm even via RDP directly? Thanks in advance - Emili
  3. I herewith confirm that latency is back to common 188 ms and packet loss is over. Login is working properly again. Thanks to which ever side has resolved this issue.
  4. Zurzeit gibt es offenbar 30% Paketverlust zwischen DTAG-Netz und SL. Das betrifft also ausschliesslich DTAG-Kunden oder Kunden von solchen ISP, die das DTAG-Netz mit benutzen. Die Latenz (Ping) hat sich (zumindest bei mir) inzwischen bei 220 ms eingepegelt. Das deutet auf ein Routingproblem hin. Die Frage ist, auf wessen Seite das besteht. Dazu habe ich vorhin auch bei der Telekom angerufen und ihnen deutlich gemacht, dass es sich nicht um einen Einzelfall, sondern offenbar um eine Grossstoerung handelt, auch wenn nur ein Server bekannt ist, der davon effektiv betroffen ist, aber das betrifft eben alle Kunden, ihr gesamtes Netz. Wenn das Routing-Problem auf Seiten der Telekom liegt, dann beheben sie das auch (und ich erhoffe mir von meinem Anruf, dass das nicht erst morgen geschieht). Falls nicht, dann wird die Telekom sicherlich den Provider auf der Gegenseite darueber in Kenntnis setzen. Ich hoffe aber, dass Lindenlab das gleichzeitig von ihrer Seite aus pruefen laesst. (By the way: I'm amused that German obviously is an evil language in here, since I got an error message that I was using characters that are not allowed, while trying to use umlauts. LOL!)
  5. I have called DTAG now, and stated that this seems to be a problem possibly related to DTAG services in general. So this is not an unique case, but a case affecting all customers of DTAG. Hope they'll check this more urgently now. And hopefully they can solve it (probably it's way faster than lindenlabs response).
  6. It's NOT a DNS problem! If it was then you could not even ping. AND I'm not even using the DNS from DTAG, but from Google. The problem is packet loss, which can be related to a routing problem, and most likely it will be a routing problem. The question is, is it on DTAG side or on SL side? This needs to be investigated from both sides! I'll call DTAG now myself.
  7. Thanks! I'm from Germany as well having the same issue. A ping to secondlife.com (for example) has 36% packet loss. Also the latency is about 220 - 240 ms, when packets are not lost. My ISP is Deutsche Telekom, my connectivity is VDSL with 50/10 mbps. All other services other than Second Life run quite fine, no packet loss. I also run services from my connection and even there (incoming connections) don't have any issues. I hope Lindenlabs and their provider will resolve this issue ASAP as this state is since yesterday morning! Thanks and regards
  8. Thank you all for answers. Support could help me and it's just my own fault. I'm sorry, support team... I just forgot to select an category and it works properly. Well, I'll use Magic Box as long as I can, because I just read alot about misfunctionalities of this outbox thing. Well, have a nice week everyone.
  9. Ok, I just opened a ticket now. Let's see what will happen.
  10. I'm able to upload it, I'm able to setup all properties, to fill out all forms, but the last step, to list that damn item, isn't working. I tried anything and any browser (for some JavaScript issues), but nothing works! What's that? If I directly choose (as action) list: It says me that changes has been done completely, but it damn didn'T change anyway. And if I check the checkbox for my new item and choose downards "list selected items", it says me that one or more items can't be listed... but WHY? Lindenlabs, what the.... is that!? HELP!!!
  11. Myst Panther, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you. I wrote to you. Please invite me. Thank you.
  12. Hell yea, one fits me really well. It's not perfect, but it's better than I guessed. Thanks. But a bit expensive btw. ^^
  13. Yes, it's a human avatar. Sorry, of course I ment legs and arms. If possible I would prefer walking a bit sideways / tilted, if you know what I mean. A bit like a monster. If that helps... However, it must be an animation for smaller avatars, cause it's a child (height: 1.49 m). Does anyone know an animation / AO for me? Or could anyone make an animation for me I could use in another AO? (How much would it cost?) Thanks.
  14. I must say that I have a child avatar. I tried one AO from mp now, but there're problems with size of my avatar, so my legs get under floor etc.
  15. Hi, I'm looking for an AO or single animation, but looked, for movement on 4 legs with a human avatar. It's based on Alma Wade in F.E.A.R. - does anyone know an AO or animation? Thanks.
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