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  1. AR them? The Lindens are very selective on enforcing their own rules. And sometimes that could take forever.
  2. Sadly, that about the general opinion is true. It's just too bad a few immature people can ruin the Second Life experience for a lot of people. If the Lindens would clean up the mainland SL would be a better place to inhabit. But people would say, yes, but then those people would leave SL because they cannot create their bright green boxes. To which I can only say, let them leave, because those people who have left because of those immature people would stay in SL.
  3. That or they are walking on the stupid side of life. I am tipping that they are on the stupid side of life.
  4. What gets me is these low hanging, full bright skyboxes at 100 meters or so, or walls that are 60 meters high and are just raw prim on the outside. What is really disturbing are the full bright objects that are green, red, orange or whatever and do nothing but turn people off and give them headaches. They do have one thing in common though -- when I check the avatar who created those obnoxious objects, a good 98% of them are 12 years old! Now what is that all about? Are they going through a second puberty, or are they showing off to their mothers that they can create objects too, just like the adults here in Second Life?
  5. Lag is not the only problem. But what about all that poop? That place stink to the high heavens. And when they leave, then what? The cleaning costs will be astronomical! And who's gonna pay for that? Not the Lindens, that's for darn sure! And you just know that the stink is embedded in the walls. Jeez, have fun living in that place after they move out. Can you see laying in bed with your significant other at night and she/he gets a good whiff, then looks you in the eyes and says: "Gee, Honey, what's that aftershave you wearing? Mr. Ed #5" No more boner for Stoner.
  6. The censors are eating this stuff up. They haven't had anything as good as this in over a decade!
  7. I bought a parcel on the Mainland. Is the tier fee taken automatically from my payment method? If so, when? If it is not automatically taken, how do I know when and how to pay? Thanks.
  8. It is about as safe as any other information you give out over a secure website on the Internet. You know, credit card information at Amazon.com and stuff like that. If it's gonna get hacked it's gonna get hacked, but so far I've had no problems here at SL with that kinda stuff. Yet.
  9. <<[...] you people started making us pay a monthly fee to list items that had a price [...]>> Whoa. When did that happen? Have I missed something here? Again?
  10. Right. Everyone around me is an M and I am G. Thought it might be possible.
  11. I recently bought some mainland with a G rating, 16384 square meters and 3750 prims. Is it possible to get the maturity rating changed from G to M? If so, how?
  12. It appears, unfortunately, that this is a planned feature, evident by the changing color of the dot in the icon whenever someone speaks. Personally I liked the old way better.
  13. Happened to me today too. On the second try there were no problems. What I definitely do not like on the update is the reset button of the filter is missing and the avatar icons at the bottom of the screen are black with different color dots. I kept silent when a returned object to the inventory was no longer hjighlighted, making a person search for that object. But the reset button was a time saver and the avatar icons was easy on the eyes. And you know who you have opened for chat. Oh well. Forward ho !
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