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  1. I am using the standard viewer, have already uninstalled, cleared and cleaned registry with ccleaner, then reinstalled. but i cannot save outfits still. what am i doing wrong?
  2. what file exactly is the inventory cache? I will whip upp a batch script that can delete such cache files so they can be recreated at next login. also does this fix the issue? I have the same issue, for no reason it has been that way since installing on my machine
  3. ok so i tried installing 32 bit libs on my 64bit machine. all went fine butnow it tells me when i run sl that the webkit plugin failed. how do i install the stuff that needs to work if it wasn't in with the other stuff?
  4. ok so in a few months or so provided money allows i plan on buying some land once i can afford to finally upgrade to a premium account. I am however a bit confused on pricing. I know there will be a one time purchase fee but from what im reading on the website is that i will not be charged a monthly fee if all i buy is 512 m2 maximum. so my question is. is the $5 us fee im seeing as a monthly fee still going to be charged as it is a different fee or is it this $5 fee that is being taken off if i own no more than that first 512 m2. im not really wanting anything to huge just a place to put up a house and a few things so i can call it home
  5. something stole lindens from my account. lindens i never even had. before I had a zero balance, i get on today to see about transfering some lindens from an alt account to let me upload an animation and lo and behold my main account has -4 lindens. how is that even possible? are we being charged for listing free items in the market now or is this an error? in which case when is it gonna be fixed? if it is the magic box that is fine because all my items are going off market immediately. the only reason the were free to begin with was you people started making us pay a monthly fee to list items that had a price so screw the SL website market place im just deleting my magic box entirely because im not paying unreasonable fees for selling stuff that i don't even get any profit from
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