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  1. So, I updated FS yesterday and have been trying to learn about this EEP stuff since I no longer have windlight... I don't care anything about day cycles and all that fancy garbage. I just want a good looking moon and night sky. I managed to make a decent sky and have a good moon texture, but can't figure out how to always have the moon showing in the sky. When I apply my sky settings, it appears suck on day and I ended up setting the sun texture to moon, but it doesn't really glow. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Having looked at the new premium homes today, I'm not really sure what all the excitement is about. Yes, they look better than the old prim apartments, but it really is just another copy / paste community with no community aspects. Unless you are lucky enough to get one of the rare lots at the end of a street with a small garden or rock pile nearby, there is very little in the way of landscaping to offset the rows of houses stacked together like sardines. For those that like it, more power to you and good luck. I'm one less premium member that you wont have to wait in line with.
  3. A quick overview of new "premium" features: 10 more group slots - great, just what I wanted, more spam. 30 more offline IM's - great, just what I wanted, more spam. "Premium virtual gifts" will remain poorly made, high prim, no-mod junk. "Premium areas" are a joke, unless you just want to go somewhere unreachable by most your friends. "Priority support" is useful for billing issues so LL can get your money, but don't expect any extra attention payed to your griefer ARs. Still, I will likely remain premium just to have some mainland..
  4. Did you find anything out? I'm having same problem, can't purchase anythign on MP.. not even free stuff. "We were unable to make changes to the current invoice." However I can still purchase $L as normal.
  5. I've been a long time user of SWA gadgets and Mistress orb. The orbs I've had out were all deleted, along with any new copy I try to rez. No one I've met know exactly what happened to make the builder quit SL, but it is known that there was a disagreement between her and LL. Here is my theory: The builder / scripter SweetNWild Magic made a detector HUD and inworld object that could detect when a linden avatar was in sim, or near sim boarder. This device was called LSD (Linden Staff Detector). Apparently this device could detect Lindens even if they made efforts to cloak their presence from st
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