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  1. I saw some people commenting on their knowing about others having ALT-clicked them. How do they know it?
  2. Thank you very much Thinkerer Melville! These links have indeed helped me to find a way to restore my viewer by finding these files it leaves behind after you uninstall it and get in the way for it to ever work again. Now every time it needs reinstall I know to delete those. Hopefully it'll work in the future too ^^
  3. I had it earlier. Reinstalled many times and it didn't help. Then the viewer randomly became openable again. Now I see there is a viewer update, and stupidly decide to check if they fixed the clear cache button causing the "Initializing VFS" issue. Of course they didn't and by checking I have permanetly broken my SL. :( How can I fix it now? Reinstaling with a reboot at every step doesn't help.
  4. Thank you so much for telling me, now at least I know I'm not alone ! _^_^^__
  5. You only think you see yourself fine, because the difference between the fully loaded texture and the 1 stage before fully loaded, aren't of an obvious difference. While your own avatar should be the surest to load on your screen, it is actually the one you can never get to load. As an example for how broken it is. Every single avatar on your screen has the same chance to load gray every time it is rezzed. Your own avatar, other's avatar, other's gray avatar has a chance to rebake just as gray again too. There are some bugs everybody gets, there are some bugs happen to you uniquely and nobody heard of them. One day whole of SL was one gray sea to me no matter what I did, then half a day later, even without relogging it suddently fixed itself. I've noticed I usually see less gray people just after I have reseted my cache, than after several days of clubbing without doing so. But in the latest update, hitting the reset cache button causes your entire viewer to break and become unopenable. Or at least it is so to me. If seeing gray people annoys you enough, you could take the chance and try to reset the cache, but you're risking that you might have to reinstall your SL and lose every single setting you made in your viewer. And the last time I did it, my avatar profile info became empty for some weird reason, too.
  6. Your own avater textures may be never loading fully on your own screen and you never know it. While there is the graphics options slider that has several options for the quality of the avatar textures, maxing it doesn't affect your own avatar. So while you expect that you're seeing your own avatar at top quality, you actualy aren't. When you change an avatar layer and it just loaded for the first time, you see your avatar top quality. Or when you juuuuust hit rebake and it haven't reloaded yet. But then after showing it full quality, avatar reloads and stays in the middle quality. I discovered it the hard way. There I was, spending hour after hours, searching, mixing, adjusting, changing, choosing, crashing, relogging etc etc as I was making lots of pictures to post. Because I wanted them to be at the limit of the best I can do. So i could be proud that every effort paid off. Then after a year of doing that, I noticed it when looking at my avatar from afar, I can't see my teeth. I change clothing, I can see the teeth. I wait a minute, and I can't see them again. That the textures only stay sharp for some seconds, then they get fuzzier and worse quality. So every single picture I made, was actually a fuzzy low quality, a three buttons hit away from being the top. So everything I made in more than a year, wasn't something to be proud of, but something to be ashamed of. Because I know I put so much effort into doing the best I can and I was this close, but actually I was failing at it. You're saying other avatars. Your own avatar is never fully loaded on your own screen. And on other people's screen, you yourself is just as grey as they are on yours. One way to increase your chances that you aren't gray to them, is always rebake every few minutes, but even that means nothing. Because for every time you're reloaded, there is always the same chance you will reload as grey again to someone, and you won't know it. This is what Second Life is about. For every fun things you enjoy, there will be just as much of sad and annoying things that will let you down. We are only in SL because the fun part still overbalances the sad part to us. But they are updating Second Life with new features, so always expect more things to throw you out of this balance.
  7. Void Singer Thank you As of now, after another reinstall, my viewer decided it will now work for a while. But somehow this also made my profile info go like I never filled it. I'm just wondering how that could have happened.
  8. I had my things randomly go unrezzable and unwearable with an "Unable to create the requested object. Object is missing from database". But the entire profile info, that's a first! Now I'm just wondering what's the next thing that's gonna disappear randomly. There is still the picks, the groups, the inventory, the account! What will they get first?! Second Life is full of surprises like that lately, isn't it?
  9. I have my profile filled slowly since 2009! Little by little! And now the latest update breaks my viewer several times so it won't open unless I reinstall it! And now I open my profile and see that it has became empty clear! No filled text, no pictures, no interests, no anything! What does deleting Second Life off my PC have to do with my profile info!!!
  10. So I gave up that I might not need to lose my settings again, so I painfully uninstalled it again not really hoping it might do something. But as I reinstalled it, OMG - it opened! I log into my SL and see - this viewer is funny. Oh my, I chose the basic viewer acidenyally! Seeing how it just opened, I simply close it and then reopen it. But it won't open for second time. It is stuck at "Initializing VFS..." again. I think Linden Lab is just having fun mocking me.
  11. So, a day later, and my viewer still won't open. I guess with this, my Second life is indeed over?
  12. Hmm. So it began to be openable, but only until the next time I needed to reset my cache. So as I sit now, realizing my using my SL was suddently just interrupted right in the middle, I figure it's the Reset Cache button that's causing the viewer to break. Now I just wonder what repaired it to me the last time. One moment I keep uninatalling it and updating it to try to open, next I give up and some time later I try to open the version that wouldnt open before and I havent updates, and it just opened and it was okay for next days. How do I get back to my SL now
  13. Dana Hickman: ~~~~"Gain: Determines the balance of the triggered physics effects. 0 = off. Low = nearly all effects for that body part will be small, subtle movements. Medium = balanced, half of the triggered effects will be small, half will be big. 100 = all triggered effects will produce 'Max Effect' level bounces."~~~~ Again, what do you mean by "balance of triggered effects"? Every single effect is separated into different sections in the edit window, and every separate effect section has it's own Gain slider that controls it. It is Max Effect that controls how far it will move, and the first movement is always the biggest with following ones being smaller. And if you check it, and compare the difference between a 0 Gain and 100 Gain, it changes nothing. Or is there something you see it actually doing and I just don't notice it? Can you tell what exactly, not in a vague "size and balance of effects"?
  14. Rhonda Huntress: ~~~~"Gain is how quickly it will move. Compaired to dampening, gain is how fast it will start up and dampening is how fast it will settle down."~~~~ What do you mean, qucik to start up? An avatar movement has to be quick to cause a jerk, naturally moving slowly wouldn't cause any effect. And after the avatar is shaken once, the very first bounce will be the strongest and the next will be weaker as it stops. What does it mean, "Gain makes for a quicker start"?
  15. I think air resistance in the Drag means how or big the motion has to be to trigger the shaking. Little drag makes it so there is almost never any shake and it takes a really far and sudden movement to shake any. So it shakes rarely. High drag means the shaknig starts at the slightest tremble. So it shakes often. Rhonda Huntress: ~~~~"What I really have not got a handle on is the difference between cleavage and sway.."~~~~ Three breast physics adjust sections separate moving the avatar in which direction make the breasts shake in which direction. Bounce makes upside-down shake from being moved vertically Cleavage makes side to side shaking which is pointed rather towards the cleavage than the outside, triggered from the avatar being moved forwards and backwards. Sway is making breasts shake side to side, rather towards the sides than towards the cleavage, from the avatar veing moved to the side. Rhonda Huntress: ~~~~"Size of effect, as far as I can tell, is just how far off area will move. For breasts, that means how high up and down they will bounce."~~~~ That's what reading the help description makes you think, that the Gain with its "size of effect" and the Max effect with its "maximum range of movement" are two sliders that do one and the same thing. But if you actually compare the effects having them maxed and minimized, you see that it's the Max Effect that follows the description, and Gain changes nothing. Either that "size of effect" description is wrong or we are both getting it wrong. What exactly does Gain do?
  16. Rhonda Huntress "Which sliders are you seeing reversed? They all seemed to be accurate to me." For instance the mass. It says the higher the heavier. But when you make it low, it gives a quickier and jerkier animation, while setting to high makes it float around slowly like a baloon. "Area of effect: this is a spell that affects more than one target; I don't see it in the description, but there is an "air effect." That is part of the air resistance. It will work the same as flexible prims. There is a blowing wind in SL. If you have your body parts air resistance turned up you will see them reacting to the air current. Modeled mass is another way of saying how much this part weighs." I meant "size of effect". What does it mean? I'm sure the physics don't react to wind, do they? And indeed it says "modeled mass", but when seeing what it does is like Spring and Dumping mixed together, fast-forwards or slow-motions the effect, not looking like it has anything to do with weight.
  17. Actually you shouldn't rely on that description too much, because as I can see they wrote it rather rushedly and there some things it describes wrong, like the difference between having the slider low or high is in many places put in backwards from the actual results. In order to make good results you also need to know which slider makes shake go in which direction and from moving in which direction it is activated. And could that description get any more vague? "area of effect, modeled mass, air resistance"... It must take some long time moving a posing stand around to figure what does what and in which combination the diferent effects work best.
  18. So, did anyone figure what the Gain slider does and how to make them shake when you walk instead of flatteting to the sides?
  19. Thank you, I didn't know I could do that. Still that didn't fix anything. I would have noticed if I didn't have the 10L to update an image. I'll just have to use another viewer every time I need to upload something.
  20. Thank you all! Just as randomly it was opening fine and then just stopped, it has randomly became openable to me. I guess I didn't have to uninstall-reinstall anything and just had to wait until they fix it, it wasn't the viewer but the servers that for some reason prevended some peoples viewers from opening. Because one moment I can use SL, next I can't, then without updating anything I just can again. Silly second life ruined the day of the most fun update to me.
  21. I understand it like this: Bounce is shaking vertically from being moved vertically Cleavage is shaking side to side, rather to the inside than to the sides, from being moved forward and backwards Sway is shaking side to side rather to the sides than to inside, from being moved to side Max Effect controls the farthest it can stretch and thus how noticeable the effect is overall. Firm when it's low, saggy when it's high. Spring controls how quickly will it shake, how many shakes it makes. Hardly any shake when low and shakes like jelly when it's high. Damping controls how long it takes for the shake to stop completely after being started. Ends as soon as it is started when it's high and shake goes forever like a clockwork toy when its 0. Gain. I tried on other sliders different, to have this at 1 and see, then have it at 100 and compare, and honestly I see no difference. Is this a broken slider, or did they intend to delete it before release and forgot, because it apparently does nothing? Overall any avatar improvement is good but I think this one isn't very well done. If you look on it closely, it looks just like when you set the avatar appearance sliders to 0 and 100, ugly and deformed. And I think they shaped this after flexi prims blindly and ignored that while flexis were designed to make hair and ribbons, body doesn't move the same way. Meaning, if take a ribbon and move it no matter how slowly, it will still flutter a little. Okay for a flexi but not for a body. Flexi thread reacts to shake and slow movement, but mody should only react to shake. So when your avatar walks and runs, their breasts won't shake, rather they will move to sides and flatten, because she is moving forward. And if she was in an elevator moving slowly, even with nothing shaking and jerking, if elevator goes down, breasts fly up your nose and stay there, and if it goes up, they get perma sag. Maybe I just haven't noticed the slider that fixes just that, but i doubt it.
  22. I tried opening it again with no hope, and randomly it did get to the login screen. Except now it got stuck at "Initializing World...". I guess it's getting fixed.
  23. YAAAAAAAAY! Thank you so much for showing me to the older viewer, Rolig Loon! Now I can't wear my shoes and enjoy the physics, but at least I can log in and finally update my profile picture after such a long wait til I can! Thank you so much! ^.^ It's weird that my latest viewer won't let me upload images, but I rarely need it so I can live with that.
  24. But I can't open my inventory because i can't open my SL anymore. If only I could open it I would do just that to see if it helps.
  25. I have notices when the viewer crashes before it really opens, sometimes it offers a crash report and sometimes it doesn't. And after reinstalling I managed to open it once and then it broke down again. Maybe it opened because it didn't remember it have crashed? So when you get it to crash and not offer a crash report the next time you open it, then reinstalling will indeed open it? Except how do you know will it offer a report or will it not and under which cirtumstances it remembers or forgets that it crashed.
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