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  1. Someone reviewed an item. I got an email about that, I appreciate. Then I gave a comment on the review. This commend was placed twice, though I only hit the button once. Then I received two emails that an item was review. But those were not reviews, but my own comments. I deleted one of the two comments, and again I got an email that this item was reviewed. Come on commerce team, enough is enough . One mail for the actual review is fine, but I don't need emails when I comment or delete a a comment.
  2. I sell full perms items on the marketplace. Because I think my items are very affordable my license does not allow sharing the items with alts or business partners. The problem is that you cannot control if people still do so. Now I have found on the marketplace a business tool, that you can connect to your items in the marketplace and in world. Then you can login to a website, and there you can see your sales reports. But not only sales reports, it is also able to shows rez reports. So since I have installed this tool I can more or less follow the items that I have sold. I can for example see if the buyer rezzes the item right after buy, or leaves it two days in his inventory first before he rezzes it. I can also see when someone besides the buyer rezzes the item, and who that person is (avatar name I mean). But these rez reports are not able to show me the permissions of the item. I installed it not long ago, so working with rez reports is still new to me. But since I can get them I view them every day. As far as I can see a very large majority sticks to the user license. But I also see rezzes coming up in the reports by people who did not buy the item. I can see those avatar names, but I have no idea who they are connected to, so I neither have an idea who gave them the item. But now I came across a case where an avatar did not buy the item, but did rez it. This item is (for example) called Rose. The non-buyer avatar now renames the item to Yellow Rose. And then a few minutes later I see the avatar who has bought the item, rez this renamed Yellow Rose. So my conclusion is that this costumer is sharing with an alt or working together with a partner. But my problem is now: I still cannot be sure that the buyer did violate my user license. Because this website cannot show the permissions, it is still possible that my buyer has disabled the copy permission before he gave it to the alt/partner. In that case it is allowed to transfer to the alt or partner. How do other full perms sellers deal with this? Do you allow exchange with alts or business partners? And what do you do when you have the he suspicion that someone is violating your license, but you have no hard proof? Just let it be, or contact that person to seek an explanation?
  3. I make silhouettes in mesh. And I take custom jobs. You can have your own art work in 3D silhouette in SL now. I can be anything, the silhouette of your avatar, your building or your rl drawing, as long as you deliver the orginal in black and white with a sharp outline. There is only one condition: the original must be your creation, or you must have a written permission from the original creator to use the picture for this purpose. Contact me IW if you have orders or questions.
  4. I think a lot of those models are made by 'guy working from his basement types'. And I don't think they are bought by big name compagnies. Those have their own 3D pipe-line with specialised jobs like 3D modeler, 3D texture artist, 3D animator, 3D character artist, sound artist, storyboard designer, and so on. I don't see a difference with 3D modelers who sell on 3D sites or who sell their items in SL as with full perms. Both sell their product with a license for others to use it in a commercial way. For people with little shops in SL, it might not be interesting to buy a 10.000 L$ clothing piece for examples. But for brands that are populair and reach a large public it will be well worth the investment. When your quality is high standard and your UV maps are excellent I think a good market in SL for this kind of merchandise, where both 3D artists and SL artists can profit. And that is why it is such a pity that there seem to be people active to spoil this, by cheating people. SL should do something about this. In stead of trying to lock the people with good intentions out, they should lock the cheaters out.
  5. Pamela Galli wrote: I wasn't selling $10,000L items that would have taken weeks to create! I'm still not. When I did start selling feature rich things that took weeks to make, I certainly had an inworld store by then. You must be from the prims generation. I don't want to talk anything good about people cheating on this marketplace, not at all! But mesh brings in new people. People who can have 10 years of 3D work behind them and made huge collections. For them it's not going to take weeks to make feature rich items. They only time investment is learning how to work with this uploader. When your works sells well at 3D sites, and your price is there 40 usd for example, I don't see any reason to sell it for a cheaper price in SL. SL is more then a marketplace, and SL is fun, but that is no reason to devaluate your work. Being treated here like you are a thief because you know what your work is worth is just ridiculous.
  6. Lexi Zelin wrote: My suggestion, IGNORE the stores that pop up out of nowhere. I hate to say that but alot of these random stores are bs! Shop with the full perm sellers you KNOW are legit and have been around for awhile. That's what I do anyways and havent been screwed over since that one time. Good Luck hun! I'm sorry these things happened to you, and the Lab is not doing anything about it when it happens. But Í'm glad not all merchants follow your advice, because I don't like it at all. When you just start with a marketplace store the only option you have is to pop up out of nowhere. And that is already hard enough for new merchants. We have to compete with established merchants who have well filled inventories with merchandise, who are years ahead in gaining visibility on the marketplace and building up a customer base. They have much larger numbers in merchandise for sale, thus more visibility on the marketplace. Not all new merchants are thieves or after misbuse of the system. There was a first merchant day for you as well. I wonder, when you were putting your first items for sale, how would you have received an advise like this.
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