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  1. When I make it to the end of my expedition at the southernmost point of Sansara, I'll have to walk all the way north again to visit sims they've added since I left!
  2. Wow thanks for suggesting the southeastern lakes be named for me. I think better names could be created however. It seems that the sims are named for (B-list?) actors and actresses. Bava - director Mario Bava?? Bettger - named for Lyle Bettger? Calvet - Corinne Calvet?? Dors - named for Diana Dors?? Duryea - Dan Duryea? Or Peter?? Egan - Richard?? Falkenburg - Jinx?? Gorcey - Leo Gorcey?? Hatton - Rondo Hatton? Or Raymond?? Jergans - Adele Jergens?? Koscina - named for Sylva Koscina Lembeck - named for Harvey Lembeck?? Mayo - Frank or Virginia?? Persis and Khambatta - named for Persis Khambatta - the only actor to have 2 sims
  3. Thanks Yevad - do the roads have names?
  4. Hi, Indigo - feel free to display my maps - my name's on it so that's sufficient acknowledgement I haven't had a chance to work on them again, been busy with RL
  5. New map with Forest of Kahruvel and Outlands marked http://www.flickr.com/photos/icarusfallen/5581620974/
  6. @knowl ... sorry but I think you're stuck with Bay of Space Pigs unless the lindens decide to rename it!
  7. @prokofy ... I think the sim names listed on the wikia match up with the region I mapped from Bino Arbuckle's timeline map
  8. @indigo actually I only just passed through the East River Community on my expedition (http://across-sansara.blogspot.com/search/label/East%20River%20Community) Anyway here is a revised map, I've experimented with adding hatching to mark communities like yours http://www.flickr.com/photos/icarusfallen/5575435590/
  9. Latest map version uploaded to Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/icarusfallen/5573947450/
  10. Hi, Yeso ... the way I created the divisions south and east of the sea of fables, including the "great lakes" was to go through Bino Arbuckle's SL Maps timeline and see when groups of sims had come online month by month, Those three appeared in the same month as the Great Lakes, which is why I included them in that group. There are similar outlying groups between the lost lakes and braunworth ... sims that came online with the Bear and Sammamish regions.
  11. Some things to think about thanks... The area I have marked as Gulf of Lauren is the group of sims with parcels of that name. I renamed Bay City per an earlier comment, but I personally prefer Eastside and Westside as a fairer naming scheme ...
  12. Version 3: confined The Suburbs to the land sims, removed the Luna sims from Nova Albion (I may make a separate region called Luna?). Took the west channel out of Bay City but left the sim where the Bay City Fairground is. Are Hau Koda, Moose Beach, and the duplicate Moose Beach in Bay City Westside technically parts of the city they're attached to?
  13. @knowl I'm only including land that you can get to without teleporting ... the weapon testing boxes may as well be anywhere on the grid ... Bay of Space Pigs is what the Lindens have called the parcels in that area ... I think it may have been the Sea of Omidyar at some stage? Not sure where Linden Memorial Park is?
  14. @holocluck ok I renamed Bay City and Bay City West. Welsh, Clementina and Hawthorne are named for SF streets so I included them. I have Campus in the Linden Village section, but I just visited Grasmere and couldn't see any LL content ... it came online with the rest of Hidden Lakes and has the same name theme so I think I'll leave it in there. Renamed The Suburbs.
  15. Here's an updated version ... I named the regions after infohubs. Still no thoughts on the lakes in the south east - they seem to consist of sims named for actors?
  16. @Baloo: I checked and all the sims I've grouped as San Francisco have corresponding streets in SF ... well I couldn't find Immaculate but I just went for it
  17. Marianne McCann wrote: Beautiful work! Couple bug fixes for you: Its South Island and North Islandia, not Islandia North and Islandia South. "Shermerville" is collectively known as "the suburbs," as Blumfield and West Haven actually came to the grid sometime before the Shermerville land mapp. The latter also was once 9 sims, as opposed to the two it is today. It looks like you might have a typo in Volcano Island. Is that an "r" before the "I"? the "Elements" regions includes the mass known as the "Rental Sims" Linden Village also goes into the Hidden Lakes area. Ambleside/Grasmere/Pooleyand a couple others up there are part of Linden Village - in fact, were parts some time before the others. The single region below Nova Albion and the San Francisco sims is "Nexus Prime." The single region above is the "Darkwood" Luna Palisades is a part of Bay City Eastside (which is initially known merely as Bay City), as it was added with the rest of the initial Bay City landmass. Owens Beach-Blue Channel is considered part of the Westside, as it was added when it was. I'll rename the Islandias. It appeared to me in Bino Arbuckle's timeline maps that all of what I've called Shermerville came into existence at the same time ... I think it makes sense to group it together too There's something on the map in Volcano Island which looks like an r - I'll have to move the label I didn't get down to check out the "elements" sims, I just named the region from their theme ... if it's rental sims I could rename it. I'll check out the Linden Village that extends into Hidden Lakes. The boundary I have now is the way Hidden Lakes was when it was released, but if the village extends into it I might redraw the boundary if it makes more sense. Nexus Prime, Darkwood: I wasn't sure about naming an individual sim ... this map is more about multi-sim regions. More to think about. Also, is the Darkwood all Darkwood anymore? I know that Luna Palisades and Owens beach were added with tranches of Bay City, but as the majority of the land in those sims is attached to other regions, I thought it made more sense to redraw the boundaries.
  18. @Deltango: if you visit the L-shaped lake sims you'll see that's what it's been called. The other regions I've used lake because the sims are predominantly named after lakes, as with the earlier Lost Lakes and Hidden Lakes regions.
  19. @Liisa: from what I've read, Lost Lakes is the name of the group of land sims - the sea of fables was added later.
  20. Hi, folks! I'm creating a map of the contiguous Sansara continent and need some help with region names. I've divided the draft above based laregly on the different tranches of land released by Linden Labs over time. I've tried to use pre-existing names where I could find them, and to think of suitable names where they don't seem to exist. I'd like some help with names for the south-eastern tranches named after North American lakes, as well as the two bodies of water there. If you know of any names for these regions (or can think of something suitable), please let me know :)
  21. As a second life pedestrian, I would really appreciate if these unmanned juggernauts were removed from the highways. I've lost track of the number of times I've been struck.
  22. I am walking through every sim on the Sansara continent, so I should see all the cool places consecutively
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