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  1. I beg to differ that merchants don't care about lost sales. Read the merchant section of the forum...merchants are hurting. I came on here today not to bash, but just wishing...REALLY WISHING...that I could get a message to merchants. I went clothes shopping on Marketplace today, and most of the models in the section I was browsing had the really absurd, exaggerated wide hips and short legs - the most extreme I've seen. Yeah, I have lots of opinions about the look, which I won't give here, but the point I want to make is that I will NOT buy any of those clothes because I have no idea what they might look like on a normal body shape. How can I know if they will even FIT? It sure looks like there would be problems with fit as they were designed for a super-wide, short-legged body. I know that commercialism is all about trends, but I don't even know anyone on SL who looks like this! Merchants who insist on filling their entire stores with pictures of ONLY these types of models are turning their backs on the majority of potential customers.
  2. Love your dog too - he's a beauty :matte-motes-smile:
  3. @Koozebane - I just wanted to share that mine was doing the same - core 4 was running at or near 100% constantly as long as SL (in this case the Firestorm viewer) was running. I found out that turning OFF "Threaded Optimization" in my nVidia video card settings solved this problem. Vladi seemed to describe something similar. I haven't notice much of a change in my fps either way, but I feel better that one of my cores isn't constantly pegged now. Let me know if you need more info and I can direct you to the wiki.
  4. I was wondering the same thing myself. Did you ever get an answer? I have a Quad-core processor (AMD Phenom 9550), and in Windows Task Manager, one of the cores is constantly pegged when I am running Firestorm. It never falls below 95-100% When I use the SL Viewer2, however, the total CPU usage is about the same but it appears to be spread across all four cores - none of them are anywhere near 100%. I read that it is not particularly healthy to allow one of the cores to run at 100% continuously. Does anyone know if this is true?
  5. I'm trying out Viewer2, and adjusting preferences. I've checked out debug settings and still can't figure a couple things out - maybe someone here can help? 1) I've turned off camera contraints, and still can't cam inside my avatar. I often need to do that when positioning attached objects, especially when changing attachment points. The cam stops at a point outside the body, and won't continue to zoom in. Any way around that? 2) Please, please tell me there's a way to turn off the goofy, outstretched-hand animation when interacting with an object....I did get the beam turned off, but not the anim. 3) Am I right that the "Conversations" (group chat) window and "Nearby Chat" window can't be combined into one? Thanks for your help :)
  6. I've always been with Emerald - then Phoenix. Loved it...no problems...utterly disliked everything about the Viewer2 interface. But then I heard that Phoenix will be coming to an end - and that users should go ahead and start "getting used to" Firestorm. So I download it, only to find it is nearly identical to Viewer2. Following the advice of the developers, I spent a couple of weeks "getting used to it" - mostly editing the interface to make it less like Viewer 2 (not all that successfully, despite what I've heard about THAT), and getting the graphics to look ok. Well, yesterday I finally got fed up with all the Firestorm bugs and started to look around for what else is available. After coming up short everywhere else, I downloaded Viewer2 again. I figure..if it's gonna look like Viewer2 anyways, why not just go back to the (hopefully less buggy) original? Here's my take: -Viewer2 and Firestorm both have the multiple attachment points and multiple LAYERS. After trying this, I can't seem to live without it. -Both viewers have a Favorites bar for quick TPs to your commonly used sims. Awesome. -Firestorm is definitely more customizable, and you can dock the nearby chat with group chat windows. Right now that's my main peeve with V2 - why two chat windows? -Radar in V2 doesn't let you perv, and Firestorm makes it much easier to cam inside objects. -But V2 is functioning and not crashing...so for now, that wins out over the few extra conveniences Firestorm has. I'm still going back and forth - perhaps Firestorm will fix some more bugs and become my future choice.
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