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  1. For awhile now, I've had problems with smaller mesh items rezzing properly. Especially on some plants, hair, and mesh attachments like lashes. I haven't really made an effort to figure out why this is happening or what to do to correct it, and now that I have a mesh attachment with eyelashes -- and many residents are utilizing these types of appearance upgrades - everyone's lashes look like they've all gotten into a cheap tube of mascara and put on as many coats as possible. Here's an example: I have an AMD card. I tried upping the aliasing on my viewer settings first, but to no avail. Then, I went into my driver settings to see if they were overriding SL, so I turned them off just to see what happened. No change. So back into my diver settings, I bumped up the aliasing settings and I'm still facing a world of clumpy lashes. As I like to practice photography in SL, this is an issue for me. Can someone lend some insight?
  2. Ravenhurst, WA is a small island just northwest of King County's own Seattle. Accessible only by ferry boat, the hunk of rock is home to commercial fishing, oil rigs, and a small piece of national park. It's a small town paradise, with plenty to-do for the locals who live and work there, but things aren't always what they seem. Underneath the surface are many secrets. Not all people are what they seem.... Races include: Vampires, Werecreatures, Fae (both seelie and unseelie), Witches, Demons, and Humans (and all their subclasses) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ravenhurst/112/108/3050 http://ravenhurst-rp.4rumer.com/
  3. I own a pose store and I am looking for a very specific type of microphone prop to use with a design. Any takers? Please IM me inworld: keliahangelis
  4. It's always been a sleepy little nook hidden away from the rest of the Pacific. Despite it's nearness to the urban sprawl of Seattle, Ravenhurst is a timeless treasure sealed away from hustle and bustle of modern life. The people who live there? Humble. Hard working. The community? Small. Very small. But, it harbors many, many secrets. Something about the place draws other beings. There is a curse on the threshold and an ancient power that sleeps. Supernaturals - disguised amongst humanity - live amongst the residents. Vampires. Werewolves. Witches. Fae. Demons. It has been over a year since the great war amongst the supernaturals ended - a war unknown to most of humanity - and life is returning to a semblance of 'normal'. How will your story start? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ravenhurst/87/108/3050
  5. I think the petite avatars are cuter, but that's just me. I've got plenty of hair and the like that I've shrunk down to fit my petite avatar.
  6. Sometimes I just want to be the only avatar visable when visiting a sim for photography reasons, but I don't want to mute anyone or block any body. Is there a way to do this on the SL viewer?
  7. Very pretty picture. :heart:
  8. Congrats, Bells! :matte-motes-inlove:
  9. Mall Space! Raven City, one of the grid's most popular Role Play SIMs, is looking for tenants for our landing point Skymall. As a promo, we are offering the FIRST MONTH FREE upon acceptance of your application, with subsequent months for 4L a prim - 75 prims minimum per slot. More prims can be added in increments of 25. Here's the catch. We want RP oriented merchandise, specifically if you have a darker themed product. Ravenhurst has a popular rental community and we want our skymall to cater to our brand of tenant. We are looking for: x Furniture and decor suited to a post apocalyptic/dark urban environment x RP suitable animations x Urban and military weapons x Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, and/or Fae oriented merchandise x Vehicles If you are interested for the chance to have your store in a high traffic area, please fill out the enclosed application and send to: keliahangelis resident. Please return as soon as possible as space is /extremely/ limited.
  10. Is there a way of updating inventory in the SL Beta Grid? When I go to upload poses I am missing half my inventory while in beta.
  11. Hi all. I own a little pose store. I don't want to put it on my home land. I want to rent about 400 prims worth of space. Is there any one out there willing to allow me to put my store up in the sky for the right price? contact inworld: keliahangelis resident
  12. Is there any tutorial on making static couple's poses? Is there an easier way of going about it rather than making the individual poses in Qavimator and then tweaking?
  13. Okay, so, I'm trying to use DAZ and the problem I am having is that when I import the avatar mesh obj, I find that I can not select any of the skeleton joints to move the parts. I can only move at the hip. Thoughts? What am I doing wrong?
  14. I am starting a pose store. I'd like to have a small space to rent in an already established shopping area if possible. Please contact keliahangelis resident inworld. Thanks.
  15. Okay, so, say I am using a foggy windlight. I select the windlight and it defaults to a certain point on the sun setting. If I try to move the sun around to change my lights, it makes the effects of the windlight go away. Can we not have this happen? Is there nothing to do about this or am I being a total noob here?
  16. I hate morphs. Like especially skin makers who morph a face of their model onto a real life model. God, that's SO tacky. But I dislike morphs because they take away from SL. So I see plenty of photographs on flickr of a face morphed (sometimes poorly) and then passed off as a SL photograph which I think...makes it no longer a photograph.
  17. Tummy talkers creep me out because of the frequency of their comments. And what's weirder is seeing some invisi sculpt alien looking thing floating in front of the 'mother' while it does this. My views on the whole prim children thing kind of vary. I mean, to each their own, right? But this fantasy almost seems too deserparate and close to real life wishes and getting married and having prim children seems like a distraction from real life. I thought the prim babies looked odd and what's the point? Nothing comes of them. They don't have personalities or actual 'life', unlike our avatars which are extensions of ourselves. I suppose it's different if you find a roleplay partner who wants to roleplay being your child as the baby 'grows up' and that's fine. Plus there are now mesh baby avatars out there for the person who wants to roleplay as an infant to a family, which...why? Save to fulfill and infantilism fantasy to a person who fantasizes about having an infant. Eh. That's too freaky for me because it's too odd and taboo - but again, to each their own. My views have been slightly altered with the appearance of zooby babies. They are interesting things. Almost like a game. It's fun to outfit the nursery and buy it clothes. At least I assume, anyways. I don't have one and probably never will. I just couldn't 'love' it, you know? It's too fake.
  18. That's what I did. I accidentally partnered one of my good girlfriends on SL. Meant to do it under our roleplay alts and it ended up being on my main. Regardless, my picks say it all. So does the collar around his neck.
  19. In some instances I agree that keeping SL apart from RL is essential. In role play, for instance, my RPG character is in no way a reflection of me or anything about me. But as for the times I'm not playing and hanging out with my SL love, it's become different. I'm on his RL twitter, he's on my RL Facebook. We talk on skype, send each other text messages, and I hope some day to meet him RL. Feelings are feelings and I'd rather express those feelings personally than do it from my pixelated projection --- no matter how awesome her closet is.
  20. Probably this question has been asked and if it has, my apologies for duplicating. I'm a fairly good texture artist. However, I have no technical knowledge at all on mesh. I'd like to texturize some of the mesh templates that I keep seeing. Specifically for the colossi avatars and the petite avatars. Also, some of the mesh kits for dresses and the like. I simply just don't know how to go about this. Is there any tutorials and/or websites that go about explaining how to do this? Are these just files I can upload into photoshop (I have CS6 Portable) and texturize and then load them back into SL like a regular clothing template? Thanks!
  21. Ravenhurst, Washington. Hours shy of the the big city bustle of Seattle, Ravenhurst is a modern-day seaside small fishing town who's history offers up a long string of mysterious deaths, missing individuals, and odd circumstances. Some say the place is cursed... Welcome to one of the most immersive RP SIMS in Second Life! Ravenhurst is a dark fantasy SIM who's residents include humans, witches, fae, werewolves, and vampires. We are a free-form SIM that encourages creative writing, character development, and story telling over combat. We are currently seeking roleplayers! Bar tenders at the Thirsty Raven, cops and emergency personnel, diner staff at Tom's Diner, and club staff at Club Nevermore. Drop by our Skymall today and come down to the town to explore! //SIM:} http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ravenhurst/125/103/765 //WEBSITE:} http://www.ravenhurst-rp.com/ //FORUM:} http://ravenhurst-rp.4rumer.com/
  22. I will pose for you, if you like. But only if you pose for me! I'm kind of in the same boat. I can only take so many pictures of myself.. I would like to get my portfolio going. Contact me inworld.
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