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  1. Aw, I'm sorry! I meant to have a separate category for tinies, too, but somehow that didn't make it, either. Thanks for taking it, though
  2. I'm having great luck so far, WeeWillie -- thanks for helping
  3. You rock, Argus. Yeah, I've noticed since posting that a few of the either/or questions might've been better as scales. Apologies; the next iteration will be better, I hope. Cheers!
  4. Thanks for that -- something for my lit review (I've been around for a while, but can't get my inworld friends to take it because we're too similar... what can you do. I'm sorry if I made you feel objectified.)
  5. Thank you for that feedback, Tex -- if I get a chance to do another, I'll definitely make more scale-type questions and less dichotomous ones.
  6. Thanks Maureen. Yeah... I know people don't like surveys, but I'm totally without budget on this one and don't have much choice as far as recruiting goes. Apologies in advance to everyone -- I hope it's at least semi-relevant spam!
  7. Hey All (thank the gods the forums are back!), Would you do me the EXTREMELY AWESOME favor of taking this survey? I'm in kind of a bind, needing SL data for my master's thesis on a deadline and not being able to find anyone to take it. I tried to make the survey as fun and painless as possible. It asks questions about your avatar preferences, your activity in SL, and the viewer you use. After I get enough responses, I'm also going to be doing some interviews and a focus group inworld (I need people for that too; PM me if you're interested). Also, if you're interested in the results, let me
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