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  1. I mean...on thing is RP in SL but in the forums... if you are looking for other people who RP as kids you should write properly =/ As someone said, join a group or go to Willowdale, they are a lot of kids there.
  2. My mother lenguage is not english and it the past when I made I little typo mistake someone had to come up wit disgusting comments. Luckily for us this incdents are very rare and most of the people are very nice. You could either: - Ignore them. - Tell them to mind their own bussines - tp away and report it. Don't let just a couple of rude people to ruin your awesomw times in sl =)
  3. Well, as I said in Subject, I dont know what I did, but the "search" browser is no more there. I tried to find the answer on my own but didnt make it *sigh* Thanks for your time
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