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  1. Well, there is Jap school RP but is yaoi themed. If interested: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River%20Harbour/33/175/831
  2. I mean...on thing is RP in SL but in the forums... if you are looking for other people who RP as kids you should write properly =/ As someone said, join a group or go to Willowdale, they are a lot of kids there.
  3. You never know what kind of people youll find here, they might swear love for you in sl, but in rl they might had a partner or be married. That's why I dont trust in those kind of relationships in sl, only as friends =/ you could start to have rl relationships or take a good time to knowing the other person in sl:matte-motes-smitten:
  4. My mother lenguage is not english and it the past when I made I little typo mistake someone had to come up wit disgusting comments. Luckily for us this incdents are very rare and most of the people are very nice. You could either: - Ignore them. - Tell them to mind their own bussines - tp away and report it. Don't let just a couple of rude people to ruin your awesomw times in sl =)
  5. People come to SL looking for different things: Some of them friendship, others some sort of love, others just to explore the world and have some fun. If a person who seeks for love wants to have someone who seeks for fun exclusivly for him/her then is not going to work, so I think you really need to take your time no know the persons to see what they are really expecting and be very clear since the beginning of the relationship (these applies to friends, partners, bfs or gf) I don't know, It's just the way I think, I usually do that in RL so...
  6. Well, as I said in Subject, I dont know what I did, but the "search" browser is no more there. I tried to find the answer on my own but didnt make it *sigh* Thanks for your time
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