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  1. looks like its working now, only because i posted i could'nt hehe
  2. Hi. All of a sudden I get an error msg when trying to TP or cross sim lines on the iPad with slgo firestorm viewer. Can this be fixed?
  3. Hello, I wanted to chime in and comment. It's apparent that the World Map is shrinking. What''s happening? I heard in passing that Linden Labs does not even have a marketing department. How can SL grow? What's in the works? I notice that there is a lack of SL media on the TVs around in-world too. I hate to point the finger of blame on any one thing but, I have noticed that ever since the Marketplace went fully incorporated into SL all the brick and mortor shops, in-world, started disapearing. It's so easy now to just sit on your duff and shop-n-click, no one is going to the in-world shops anymore. I agree the rl economy is making it rough on those who would otherwise be dumping cash into SL, its just, where is the BIG Linden presence in SL? Which reminds me, have you seen the Noobie SL info HUBs where noobies first land? They are some of the oldest builds in sl, their builds are obsolete not even displaying some Mesh, its embarousing to even go to one. After all we have invested here in SL one would think they could at least keep up appearances for um appearences sake. lol ... wonders where the 2013 Linden bear is? :*(
  4. I was in-world last night Aug 25th when my clothes disapeared i was wearing and my skin, all i had on was attachments. The browser as well lost all its buttons, thats all the file menu buttons and the destination file menu as well as the chat buttons and the like. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, i have running now a older version before the new beta. I have rebooted and ran scans, I am out of things to try. Please if you can help, much appreciated. I need to get in and be able to pay my rent before i lose my sim. thanks in advance. Installing Firestorm now :( I prefer V2
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