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  1. I've been on Hughesnet Gen4 since Nov 2012, and up until a month ago it worked well with SL. But now I'm experiencing the same problem as you - it's intermittent. Prior to Gen4, I was on a slower Hughesnet satellite for 5 years (HN7000S, 1.4 mbps) and rarely experienced login issues. I'm afraid I have no suggestions
  2. Ummm - a 3D chat room with boobs *grins*
  3. I don't make money in SL, but, I do have a small online business selling photographs. Every year, the site that does the customer fulfillment for me sends me a Federal 1099 form showing my income, which I dutifully declare to the IRS. If SL does not issue 1099s I'm not sure how the IRS would discover your income, and merely transferring L$ to your Paypal does not necessarily mean it's income..... I did earn L$500 as a female avie escort back in '05 (don't ask), I wasn't quite sure how to broach the subject with my tax guy *laughs*
  4. I checked my SL diary and it appears I was out of the country and not in SL at the time, so missed it. However, I have suffered through all the fun and games in '06, and like the rest of you old timers fretted about when we'd reach 17K concurrent avies in-world, and if SL would die *laughs* I still keep a list of coordinates for my favorite places so I can login at those locations when tp is borked for me........
  5. Plus - once your surroundings rez, slide your maximum bandwidth down to 50 kbps. (I'm also bandwidth challenged........)
  6. Drtamersameeh wrote: Come on people, it is everywhere. "Use Virwox terminal to buy Bitcoin in Second Life" Here is one of HUNDREDS of links https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/VirWoX and, stated clearly on this wiki is............"Note that due to the restrictions currently imposed via Linden Labs' RISK API, your Second Life avatar must be at least 30 days old to deposit Linden Dollars into an VirWoX in-world terminal." No scam by anyone, it's plainly stated. Just keep your account for the first 30 days, then you can buy all the BTC you want with no more delays - problem solved !!
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