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  1. Erm...showing my ignorance here...(again) but what's an LOD texture?? Gulps and waits for laughing to subside, sips her tea and waits for advice.
  2. Thanks indigo I've probably read it already but no harm in having another look!
  3. Thanks Drongle that is really detailed and very useful. I'm going to change the windows they were bugging me before and I did suspect that the LOD was too low but they didn't always wrong just sometimes. I didn't really understand what you meant about low and high hidden triangles for the windows so could do with some more clarification if you don't mind. But great advice, you are clearly a Jedi Knight of Mesh optimisation : ) As I said earlier I am less worried about the house simply because overall it is coming in at quite a low land impact. But I have more of a problem getting more rounded organic objects such as the chandelier lower - did you take a look at that too - she asks meekly? Below is a scenario which sort of illustrates what I'm trying to get to grips with, any further advice greatly appreciated, hopefully you can see the detail in the slides;
  4. Hi Chic, Thanks for the overview and great idea about the screenshots so I will get that organised. I'll use the example of the mesh chandelier I recently created there's a picture on my latest blog post. Houses and mesh I'm ok and now looking at furniture as the final frontier for getting low LI! mocoscribe.wordpress.com
  5. I am enjoying my new building apprenticeship developing my Mesh skills and knowledge and feel that I have made some progress. However I am now stuck, quite stuck. Although I am probably at the stage where I can create most of the things I would like in my store no matter what I do the Land Impact for some objects remains stubbornly high. I use Strata 3D to design most things and lower the polygon complexity at every stage to keep LI as low as possible and when uploading create a separate physics object and set the physics and LOD etc in the most optimum way. But the bench I designed recently still uploads as 21 LI when I see similar chairs on the Marketplace at 3 LI. Not to mention the chandelier at 300....but that's a whole other story! Any other tips and where am I going wrong.... Moco Homes Emporium On The Marketplace mocoscribe.wordpress.com
  6. I logged onto the test grid to try out some Mesh creations but it wasn't clear where I could go to work is there a dedicated sim somewhere? Confused.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.mocoscribe.wordpress.com
  7. I have to agree with this comment...harsh though it seems. I just don't get these figues at all. I've seen many of the biggest merchants and landowners downsizing their land ownership recently obviously recognising harder times.Most merchants I speak to tells of how much sales have gone down. My feeling is that true concurrency is down and people do seem to be spending less and spending less time in world. I also agree that Viewer 2 has had and will continue to have a negative impact, despite what LL keep saying. I often get newbies in my store using Viewer 2 who can't see what the prices are and can't quite work out how to buy stuff, no doubt this approach will push people down the Xstreet buying route where LL make money too, but without inworld merchants to buy the land and pay tier SL won't survive....Emerald is dead long live Phoenix. ~~~Lies, damned lies and statistics~~~~
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