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  1. I believe you need to join the parcels to use the combined prims
  2. Yes this is confusing, to simplify I own a full sim of land which has been over the last year been and bought by me and donated to my group piece by piece. In the last couple weeks I have been buying more lots where now I have 18000m plus added to the 65000m the problem lies with I can't add the 18000m to the 65000m under the same group because some how I don't have enough land credits ? There seems to have been a glitch which changed what I have donated ( 65536m over the last year) into 48432m of group land (today) which is wrong because i still have the 65536m in the group.
  3. Square meters owned: 18128 Square meters donated: 0 Premium Bonus in Square Meters: 1024 1024 Paid Tier Level: 65536 65536 Available Square Meters: 66560 66560 Monthly Cost:* USD 175.00 USD 175.00 As you can sort of see I pay for a full region now and I have another 18128m being added to
  4. I'm at at 65536m now I'm trying to add 18000m more to my group it tells me I don't have the land credits to add, how do i increase the land credits to say 2 sims 131072m ?
  5. See that is what it's not letting me do
  6. I have a question maybe you can answer I think some you own more land than me, anyhow I have now started owning my second sim of land and my group says I don't have enough land credits to deed it ? should I be deeding the land or not I see my group has land and now I have land.
  7. If anyone is interested in renting 1024m adult lot 700prim 360L per week I have 3 open contact Dale Hefferman
  8. Well that is called shill bidding but this is SL The Donnelly Act has been used by prosecutors against people accused of shill bidding in online auctions. ... Shill bidding may also be considered a form of wire fraud, which is a federal offense under 18 U.S. Code Section 1343. Maximum penalties for the crime of wire fraud can include two decades imprisonment.
  9. Resident Auctions .... How do we know we are not bidding against the owners alt ?
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