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  1. Available Again........ Contact Dale Hefferman
  2. Protected Oceanfront Beach Land @ Gulf of Moles - 4096sq.m 1406 prims 999L per week, with first month paid will receive 1 week free (one time offer) Paradise directly on the sea surrounded by empty waters, quiet neghborhood. Access 100s of Linden water sims in Corsica, excellent for Boating, Sailing & Flying. Visit this place Taxi
  3. Dale Hefferman

    Who saw Life 2.0?

    Netflix is showing this again for those who didn''t see it or want to watch again. https://www.netflix.com/title/70129457
  4. Dale Hefferman

    How long have you been here?

    04 I found SL but there wasn't much here left forgot about it. Saw something on television about SL in 06 checked it out again. Found much had changed signed up as premium member 12/22/06 never left having fun till this day
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    Links do work