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  1. For Sale: 1x 1024 Parcel DOUBLE PRIM 702 Land Impact @ Horizons Rare Adult block with linden protected land front & back: Easy access from canal to open waters plus road access throughout the Horizons estate. Horizons Benefits: Use your own home or choose Prefab housing (that doesn't count towards your land impact) Double prim (702 LI), use your premium 1024m2 allowance for free tier on this parcel. Land is set for sale to anyone - priced for a quick sale, only L$31,000 To inspect and purchase - TP to: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons%20Galatea/78/241/24
  2. no longer the cheapest, found one at L$30,500 so my loss is your gain - grab it quick at L$29,990 simply TP to: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Galatea/78/241/24 buy the land, return everything and it's all yours (no monthly tier if you're premium and it's your 1st 1024m2 parcel - did I mention it's double prim @702 with water & road access) Good luck & enjoy!
  3. Still Available... There's still over 3 weeks of free tier left - rather than see any more of it go to waste, the NEW price for a quick sale is $2195 (L$569k) firm, also includes the $600 transfer fee to retain Grandfathered status. Contact SIN Rain if you have further questions (see above posts for LM's, tier prices and date)
  4. ...still available ...still currently the lowest priced Horizons parcel (at the time of writing) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Galatea/78/241/24
  5. Reduced to L$35,990 for a quick weekend sale - Hurry, 1st in best dressed - this is now the lowest priced parcel in Horizons! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons%20Galatea/78/241/24
  6. To make the purchase easier, I'll also accept the equivalent (USD$2300) in Lindens so I've set the land for sale for L$595,900 which includes the USD$600 transfer fee to retain grandfathered status. The LL Monthly Tier for a 20k prim Grandfathered full private region is: USD$195 or USD$225 as it is currently setup with 30k prim - the LL Tier is due on the 24th of each month. None of the objects (items rez'd) are part of the purchase but may inspire you with building ideas. (they can be returned on purchase) Contact me when you're ready to purchase so I can put in the Transfer Request to LL - you'll also have the opportunity to rename the SIM and/or have it moved for free at the time of transfer. Here's an LM to the: Sky Build and to the: Ground Build Contact: SIN Rain if you have any further questions.
  7. Grandfathered full private region with 30k prims for sale. Tier paid till 24th May. 2300.00 firm, includes 600.00 transfer fee to retain grandfathered status - also includes sim rename and ability to move location if desired at the time of purchase. Contact SIN Rain inworld for location and more details. also check out my other listing thread for: Horizons double prim 1024m2 parcel with road & water access
  8. Horizons Double Prim (702) Road & Water Access (1024m2) for SALE *Galatea* Rare Adult block with linden protected land front & back. Easy access from canal to open waters and road access throughout Horizons estate. Horizons benefits: Prefab housing (that doesn't count toward prim limit) or simply replace with your own! Double prim (702 prims), use your premium 1024m2 allowance for free tier on this block. Price: L$44,950 firm! Come and have a look today: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons%20Galatea/78/241/24 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons%20Galatea/78/241/24
  9. SIN Rain

    The new Marketplace Features coming - Merchant Survey Requirement

    I'd like to see a new button added "Buy Now as Gift" or have the "add to cart as gift" button replaced completely. Too many times I've had to send a free item to the intended recipient because the buyer added to the cart, but then clicked the "Buy Now" button instead of checking out through the cart to have the gift delivered. There's got to be a more user friendly and intuitive way to deliver a gift to someone.
  10. SIN Rain

    LindeX at 251

    Beginning of last week I was still hoping it would return back to the 248's but I finally caved by mid-week and jumped on the 252 bandwagon. What I found odd was that I was still sitting in the que at 252 last Thursday night with probably a few mill still ahead of me (also on 252) and there was nothing above so it was chiseling away nicely. Within a single refresh someone/s dropped 22mill on 253 and then the same happened at 254 / 255 etc... all huge amounts and within hours. I'm guessing that the 22mill I saw (around 80k USD) had to be a few people because only ppl above Enterprise Level 3 can sell above 30k USD in a 24hr period. Wow, the difference of selling 22mill at 248 vs 253 is a loss of almost USD $1686 - if that same amount sells at 264 instead of 248, that's a loss of over 5k USD - who can afford that? and you can probably rule out hacked accounts dumping vast quantities of L$'s without a care of what rate they sell for because of the trading limits in place. Maybe this is just a case of too much supply and not enough demand at the moment? (it is heading into the summer months soon) after-all if it was a panic over Sansar, hasn't it been mentioned that Sansar will still allow you to use your L$'s there as a currency. I just don't know what's going on, hopefully it'll improve soon!
  11. SIN Rain

    LindeX at 251

    I too wonder what's causing this huge drop? - it sat nicely at 248/249 forever it seems and then to see it drastically drop to 264:  I wonder if the Curcuit Breakers mentioned in this ancient blog post are still in effect: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Features/Linden-Dollar-Economy-Announcement/ba-p/520952
  12. SIN Rain

    Project Bento Feedback Thread

    Damn, I was loooking forward to wiggling my toes! Are the bone assignments final or is there still a chance to suggest/reassign some bones for toes? (perhaps the fingertip or 2nd knuckle bones reassigned?) p.s If you do decide to implement, can I have a royalty for when anyone Curls their Toes in SL? :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: