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  1. I used to log in just to see the diversity and enjoy the different looks on here. However for a little while I have noticed a difference in the thread. its very noticeable to the sometime looker on how biased the likes are to certain people which is sort of putting off if a first time poster was thinking of uploading. They usually would get maybe 'nice' and welcome but really a proportion of the 'likes' when sometimes to my totally uneducated opinion they are not really in proportion to the quality of the pics are out of line. Post processing is something else too, am guessing
  2. Thanks for the insight am sure you are right.
  3. Jeez so she posted in wrong forum, perfection must be a hard cross to bear. She already said why she didn't want to ask the op. Seems like some people just love to post sarcastic little comments instead of helping.
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