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  1. >> "I thought I'd give it a shot so I applied, and received a "sorry, you weren't selected" email a few days ago. LL said there were thousands of applicants and they only had six slots for this test run." There are so many problems with this plan that it's difficult to know where to begin. A so-called open program that has no transparency at all, it isn't even literally open (it closed March 28th before the promotions even started), so they are not accepting submissions, and if we just ball-park the entries at 2000 and you tried a submission before the first email, your chances for bei
  2. I received the email this afternoon, after seeing the occasional reference to "dash deal" in twitter messages. I looked, blinked twice, looked again. I can't believe it. Linden Lab is singling out specific single products from specific single vendors... like one at a time? This will do nothing for Second Life, except to alienate a few competitors of the products getting this preferential treatment, and to annoy large groups of residents with irrelevant spam. No, I'm not interested in wearing a dress. And I'm highly annoyed that Linden Lab would abuse that email channel they have to me in
  3. In September, I posted a blog Second Life Growth, Land and Economy - Meh, Yawn. In it, I lament the decline of some serious indicators of the Second Life economy and Linden Lab. One factor being the 35% drop in the estimated company value in only 6 months. That number is now 42.5% drop. Here are a couple of exerpts from that article. I feel they are even more true now, perhaps just more obvious months later: This blogger feels that there is one major thing leading to the decline of support, or interest, in Second Life: the perceived attitudes and business philosophies of Linden Lab. R
  4. I'm also asking again whether "economic participation" means "spent $1 or more" or what it means. It used to be reflected in those terms, i.e. whether or not a person had spent more than $1. Thus buying Lindens but not spending them, or getting a stipend on the premium account and not spending it would not count as "economic participation". Nelson did say these were defined on the wiki page linked in his posting, and that page makes it pretty clear economic participants includes those getting a stipend, or anything else that will cause a non-zero transaction on your Transaction History. That
  5. Last time it was "stable". This time, "steady". Or in some cases, continuing to decline slightly. As I said on my blog, that's a great euphemism for "flat", which in the online gaming and social networking worlds really means "dying". Yes, something needs to be done. "The most significant quarter-to-quarter loss of user hours was from the heaviest usage segment (accounts logging over 300 hours per month)." So the oldbies are starting to lose faith. It doesn't have to be this way. You can promote SL through new incentives for the social networking folk, while keeping the existing long
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