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  1. beautiful region. $100 will cover transfer costs. Tier is on the 16th. Only reason he is selling is because he's moving. Here's the slurl:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Durutti/138/192/22 Questions? Want tobuy? Send IM to: Radein Core
  2. Hi Looking for full sim to buy ( 15000 prims) willing to pay 400 - 450 IM or contact me inworld
  3. I would like to purchase a full sim - 15000 prims. Full transfer + rights. Want to pay LL direct.
  4. Always good to read a post from someone who has clearly applied his mind.
  5. The current "Submit a ticket" page limits what you can post as an ticket. For example - if you have an issue with groups/roles etc how would you submit this ? Its not an account / billing / land / marketplace issue so the only option is "technical questions" ... and this dropdown force you into specific options - none of these applies to a group/role issue LL needs to add a field in the dropdown for "other issues" to address issues/problems that cannot be grouped in the current sections.
  6. The only eye-opener: The comments of some of the "educators" posted here i think it might not be a bad idea for some of them to move on. They should not be educating anyone.
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