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  1. I use Singularity, and of course it only has use of one tattoo layers :/ I was wondering if anyone knew of a in world store, or market place link of where I could buy an all in one Teeth + Eyeliner (or mascara) tattoo layer? Any help would be appreciate :)
  2. I usually go for a soft feminine look when buying skins. Something that can be worn everyday with sex appeal and it should also look great with the hair colors I usually wear.... Glam Affair - I love their faces, they have alot of different makeup choices and the skins come with a "clean" version, or no makeup which is perfect for the price. Like a 2 for 1 type of deal... LAQ - Once again, great faces you can wear anywhere with a nice sexy glow. Belleza - I am starting to get into these skins, But they seem to go for a more mature look which I am not into, But I did love the Elle skin line. Pink Fuel - I love the faces from this store, they can be dressed up and down which is perfect for anyone. Curio - This is an old favorite of mine. But lately, the face coloring has been extremely too light than the body which put me off from buying any of the newer skins lately. AMD (Apple May Designs) - I personally don't have any of these skins but I noticed them from a few blogs lately and I am liking what i'm seeing. They have a fresh youthful look too them and I can't wait to try them for myself.
  3. Thank you guys I was reading somewhere about resetting your avi so i`ll try that.
  4. When I change my bald base, it seems to work but my avis face renders and when its done, the lines pop back on my neck again.
  5. Mikki Breda

    Small Question?

    This morning i noticed that I had these two black lines on my neck when I scrolled out farther from my avi. The skin is not ripped. I just bought it from LAQ. I did later find out that my eyebrows caused those lines. I have  no clue if there is a way to take off the eyebrows since it does not exactly have a *take off item option*. Is there a way that I can fix this, or take off my brows?http://i37.tinypic.com/2pskmrk.jpg & http://i33.tinypic.com/2viqm1d.jpg
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