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  1. I am perplexed! I am the estate manager for about 23 sims owned by a friend. She and I take griefing of the residents very serious and have always managed to keep griefing to a minimum. However, over the last several months I have seen a trend with really weird things happening and I can usually tie it back to specific people being present when it happens. For example: a former resident that we had asked to leave because of her behavior came back and told another resident that she could take his land and throw him off of it. When he told her that was not possible,she did it! She also did some land things to another resident that she shouldn't have been able to do like terraforming, etc. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Today, I found the land around some of her parcels dropped between parcel lines and it couldn't be raised. She had to revert the land. She and I both thought of griefing again. We have actually had someone clear her high prim sim twice. We can't figure out how it's being done. I heard that a new utility/griefer tool was out there that has those capabilities. Anyone have a suggestion or knowledge on the subject?
  2. Brief description of the issue. I am an estate manager and we have an issue that we have not experienced before. Most people are quite content with one person "owning" one of our parcels and anyone else associated being granted land rights through a land group. Most of our residents do not "deed" their land to the land group, they just set the land to group. This usually allows the group members the ability to do most that people find important...music, building, returning objects, banning, etc. However, for the first time, we have a couple in which the man bought the land and the woman is not happy with these "few" permissions. She wants equal billing and I am not sure just what has to be done to give it to her short of deeding the land to their land group and I am not sure if this will completely fix her issue. Will deeding the land to a land group give the woman as many land rights as the person who originally rented the parcel?
  3. I am estate manager for 24 sims (estate land). Our high prim sim which serves as the community center and holds all events is having issues since 7/3/2012 at approximately 7:00 pm slt. We can see the sim but cannot get to it to restart it. It's like it really doesn't exist and I have had to log tickets for this same issue with this sim several times already and logged a new ticket around 10pm slt last night. I cannot seem to reach anyone at Linden lab to restart this sim. Chat is definitely offline but it appears that no one is monitoring or taking care of tickets. Is there another avenue for issues that I am unaware of? There are events planned at this sim for the holiday and this is a revenue generator which is more crucial than ever with the economy in rl such as it is. Anyone have any further suggestions to get attention to a ticket that is urgent? Thanks for any suggestions. RE: We have logged tickets, contacted concierge, etc. We can't find a linden anywhere and this sim has been down since last night while people should have been there. Getting a little upset at this point as our first event is coming up soon. :-(
  4. The land is deeded to a land group and auto return is on for those not in that group. That is something we keep a constant watch on and anything that manages to slip through is done away with. Gotta love those griefers. Thanks for the info, I'll double check to make sure nothing has been missed.
  5. While I understand what you are saying, what you don't catch in what I am saying (maybe I am not being effective, my apologies). We have educated folks about their scripts, etc. We have made mono every single script we can and eliminated or purchased updated versions that had scripts not compiled in mono. I, myself, carry very minimal scripting if any at all most of the time. Resize scripts I get rid of once I have modified whatever it is to fit me. We have few things that are just abnormal to account for the lag most feel. I have literally welcomed a new visitor to the sim and before I can even blink my eyes, they'll remark that it's too laggy there and leave. I have been to other sims with lots and lots of people there and the lag is worse, yes, but not significantly. So I don't understand why you don't lag at our place and don't understand why the other places are not significantly more laggy. There are only a couple others that say they "usually" don't lag. But they, too, lag sometimes or crash the rest of the time. I have heard that if you are sharing a server with other sims that are laggy, they can leech their lag over to your sim. Don't know if that's true but am surely to goodness fed up with banging my head on the wall. We are talking about, for the most part, a consistent group of people who have been going to this sim on a regular basis for over two years. So is it really us changing or is the technology not up to date or what? Hard on this end to guess without knowing how this system is set up. And hard to make an argument, even here, without more concrete evidence to throw around. So I guess we're just going to have to keep going until no one comes anymore then the sims go away. There is nothing more for us to do. We didn't build this system but we sure have gone out of our way to eliminate all the culprits that have been suggested by Linden and now here. So nothing left to do I guess. Thanks for the input.
  6. No, it's pretty much all the time and we can hardly even have events there anymore. There are occasionally people who say they don't lag but cannot figure out what makes them so different. Their computers are not super machines. In fact, more often than not, my machine is much better than most. It's not limited to any time of day. I am the estate manager for these sims and I never have an issue until I go to the high prim sim. This sim is divided into two parts with half being residential and half commercial. Nothing extraordinary nor are things around there unusually scripted. I have been told a couple of times by Linden that it's textures. But these same textures have been on this sim since it came about almost 4 years ago. So totally stumped.
  7. I have been in SL for almost 2 1/2 years now. Within the first month or so, I landed in the residential sims that I still reside in to this day. The high prim sim for this sim series is little changed from when I first came here but I am telling you that performance gets worse every day! We have scrubbed for bad scripts and eliminated them. We have eliminated scripts that just don't need to be there. We have looked for every kind of issue that could cause lag and eliminated it. The script use on the sim is minimal considering it is a high prim sim. We just don't know what else to do. I have talked to Linden and they keep telling me the same thing over and over and over. It's us, of course. My position is this, if things have changed so little, then how can it possibly be us? We need answers as people complain about the lag sooooo much we are actually losing visitors. We have long time residents who refuse to come to the community center, which is the high prim sim because lag is so bad. How do you prove, to Linden, that it is not us and to please look at what is possibly on the server side other than a few statistics? It is the same old thing...never Linden, always us. From where I sit, when the sims are no longer attracting people, the owner of 26 sims no longer has a need to keep them. Revenue lost for Linden. While there may be larger land barons in SL, I don't think ignoring this issue is the best strategy. What can you do?
  8. Oh boy! Now you people know why I don't come out here and post! I get ANGRY!
  9. To be honest about the whole thing...totally, brutally honest? I can't think of a SINGLE reason to force a migration to a piece of poo like Viewer 2 unless it's simply for the sake of saving the money they paid contractors for creating it! It is WORTHLESS! And I know that the breaking point for me that will send me forever to another grid is when they FORCE ME TO USE VIEWER 2 OR A CLONE OF VIEWER 2! Change under the hood all you like. At least leave a means for us older residents to still function without having to fumble around for weeks trying to figure out where everything we once knew how to do is now hidden. I am from the tech world and I get really ticked when people come out with comments that allude to these changes being necessary to give us more. Uh...no! The underlying code gives us what we need to enhance our experience but you can make the visual UI anything you want! So stop telling me it has to look the way it does in order to "enhance" our sl! Phooey! And as for hidden agendas? Take the route that Mike suggests...it will be the very last dime you get from me LLR! I DON'T DO FACEBOOK! And don't use me for your ads either! Now, LLR, if you want to treat me like a customer and give me value for what I pay for instead of frustration and heartache, then we can talk about using my profile to "enhance" your business experience. And Eio? Log into Viewer 2 to get yourself added to the role of event creator. It's the only place to do it. But I guarantee if you do, you'll spend hours, maybe days, getting your inventory back!
  10. Woot! I love you Cynianne! Very well put. I tried very hard not to get into my frustrated "smash 'em and bash 'em" routine which is what I WANT to do every time I try to talk to a Linden. I am certainly faced with closing down my shop at this time and I really don't want to. Just clueless what to do to change it at this point. Thanks for shoring up my comment...much appreciated!
  11. I do welcome you aboard Rod. However, I really, really wish you would spend some time with me. There is a side of this game that is often swept under the rug, especially with content creators. I am not a chronic complainer...far from it. I have been quite tolerant. But the reality is that I am faced with continuing in something that is fruitless, frustrating, and waaaayyyy too costly or moving on to another world that is more focused on the customer which Second Life has not been in quite a while now. I really want to save my experience in this world and continue here but fear that a lot of things that should be said and disclosed are not. I fear that I will have to move on unless things improve dramatically. I have invested a lot of myself in Second Life. I am also the kind of person who does not walk away without a fight once I have made that investment. That is why I am asking you to come see another side...another vantage point. Get some real feedback. Hahaha...don't know why I even bother.
  12. How many of you have had the opportunity to realize (or have it force fed) that in order to post events for a location now, you have to have the ability granted to you via a role in a group. How many of you who do realize that also realize that THE ONLY PLACE to tick that little box so that people can create events for your location is in Viewer 2? Sadly, I had to log into viewer 2 to do just that. It took me hours to get all of my inventory back! Not to mention that I was so stressed out at people IMming me and me not knowing how to answer them that I nearly said screw it all and quit...sl...period! There was NO rhyme or reason that I could follow in that viewer. It was all over the place. Nothing was anywhere that made any sense! I am so sick of learning one way to do things only to be forced to have to re-invent the wheel at someone's whims! Come on Linden! Wake up! NOT EVERYONE IS EXCITED ABOUT VIEWER 2 AND YOU WOULD REGAIN A LOT OF WARM FUZZIES IF YOU WOULD GIVE PEOPLE AN ALTERNATIVE! You know, the Phoenix fiasco was a bummer, but the product is so good, I just ramp up my security on this end and watch everything that happens to my computer. It's worth it. I do hope the new CEO of LL realizes that somebody in the food chain has had the gun pointed at LLs toes for some time. All it's going to take is for someone to accidentally pull the trigger. To garner an elitist attitude in such a competitive gallery is suicide. Yeah, SL was the hot thing going for a long time...but wait! Me thinks me sees legitimate alternatives out there. I see good content creators fleeing there already! I DON'T WANT TO LOSE ALL OF MY HARD WORK. I love SL and would love to see some gratitude on behalf of the company who takes my money but treats it's customers like dogs in a kennel. Maybe we are just playing a game, but it is the purchase of a legitimate service. And what do I expect from the service I pay for? Fairness, enjoyment, no drama (save the few idiots I come in contact with in world). But, at the moment, most of my drama comes from frustration when trying to access and use a service that I pay for and get little support, little appreciation, little anything! We deserve what we are paying for and LL needs to step up to the plate once again and appreciate its players.
  13. I would have never responded had I not forgotten to close the page and it updated to show your comment. You are clearly free to use whatever viewer you wish. I have no intention of supporting a FORCED migration to a viewer that is clunky and makes me have to re-invent the wheel. Skins...why should I HAVE to apply a skin to get something I had but LL took away? You know, this is exactly the reason that Microsoft has taken such a hit with it's "new" and updated office products and cloud technology. People who depended on that software to do their jobs didn't want to have to rebuild a knowledge base that took them sometimes years to achieve. I have always been an opponent to presenting products that evolve too far from their original appearance in so few steps. You can change under the hood all you want to, but people depend on knowing where things are. I was so disgusted with logging into the newest viewer 2 a few minutes ago trying to retrieve inventory that LL has so graciously lost for me that I just couldn't wait to get out. It still stinks and I saw less than adequate performance compared to what I am used to. So...by all means, feel free to use it. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it. I don't intend to use it at all. I just hope somebody figures out where our inventory is going!
  14. ...and one more thing. People, don't tell me to file a ticket for my missing sculpt maps. Another useless "feature" of sl...SUPPORT.
  15. You know, I haven't been keeping up with this for a while now, but I remember when we were promised that we wouldn't be forced to viewer 2. Well due to missing inventory over the last couple of days, I came out here to download the standard 123 viewer. Oh my! We are being forced to viewer 2! You can still download the 123 viewer but it clearly says it has not been supported in over a year and certain features will not be available. Well if certain features will not be available, then I have to presume that changes made to parse inventory in the viewer 2 are not supported in 123 either. What about those of us who hate viewer 2? You don't want our business anymore? If the third parties are having issues keeping our inventories synced with YOUR system, Linden, then why is the only option available to us viewer 2? Viewer 2 is not for sl/computer savvy users...it is for beginners. I don't need the bells and whistles of display names and all the other little things that were developed to help people just starting out in second life. Viewer 2 is an atrocity for builders. I guess you don't want us to build anymore either. This is FRUSTRATING! I PAY for this service. It's not like you're GIVING me access to the system, I pay for it. And not just in my membership fee. I get dinged for pretty much walking around sl. 10ls here, 10ls there. Constant, day in and day out. Just like last night I paid to upload a sculpt map of my own creation and you ever so graciously took my lindens, LL, but then gave me an error and I had to pay to upload again. Over the last week I have had to pay to upload sculpt maps that have been used in items I sell because they have disappeared from my inventory. Please Linden, do us a favor and start listening. There will come a point when I realize that I have thrown away good money thinking sl was something really neat and cool and start frequenting the other grids. I know of quite a few who are already there and have left sl. Good content creators. Good residents. Good for sl people. I equate Linden Labs lackluster interest in it's users to someone pointing a gun at their own foot and pulling the trigger. Just food for thought. I am sure I'll get slammed by somebody so have at...I won't come back to read it. I just needed to vent!
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