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  1. Oh, thank you! I had multiple maps even though nothing was mapped to them. They were just sitting there messing things up I guess. it looks much better now :matte-motes-grin:
  2. Hi, thanks for answering my post. Now, the only part of that I understood was the first sentence. The answer is "yes" Idid set the textures mapping co-ordinates to UV. But does it answer my question of why do my textures not show up correctly in second life? If so, please explain, thanks. What does it mean when you say that I made a UV map and then used materials? I believe that I did select a number of faces and map to the whole texture. I did that for each wall seperately and floors seperately ceilings etc...
  3. Hi, I have been looking all over for an answer to my problem but have not been able to find any answers. So I made a cute house in blender and textured it. I made a UV map. Then I selected faces and assigned them to 8 different materials ie: outer walls, inner walls, floors trim etc. I took each wall and applied a texture and switched off the rest of the UV map and just worked on the faces I wanted until the textures were positioned properly. I did this with all of the walls, floors, etc. I did not do anything else with the UV map. It looked great when I rendered it. Also I applied the materials as a plane, not cube, sphere etc. Each texture is assigned to it's own material and rendered as UV. So then I imported the house without the textures into second life and applied the textures after the house was rezzed. First of all I had to change everything to planar so the textures were not deformed. Then the textures did not apply properly. What I mean is I have the exterior wall textures all set up in blender but on the front and rear of the house in second life the texture would apply horizontally the way it is supposed to but on the sides of the house the texture applied vertically. This occurred with all of my materials. Not sure what I need to do now but I know I am missing something. I can't seem to find this problem answered exactly anywhere else. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated Do I need to bake something, make seperate UV maps, stand on my head? I am stuck. Thank you
  4. Robin Wood on her blog has an excellent article on how to get a perfect alpha channel with no white halo. Here is the link http://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/WhiteHalo.html.
  5. You can adjust the texture once you have placed it on the prim. There are 2 ways. I use Firestorm when I build because I still prefer pie mode but once you put your prim in edit mode click on the texture tab. Once you click on the texture tab, go to the top of the window and select face, then click on the face you want to edit. You can change transparency, input horizontal and vertical repeats and experiment around with default mapping and planar mapping to get the textures the way you want them. You can also put many prims together and click on all the faces you want to map with your texture, change the mode to planar, click on align planar faces and the texture will match up. It will only do this in planar mode. TNT primz has a function that will align textures for you without using planar mode which is helpful if you want to use mesh studio. SL will automatically upload any texture larger than 1048x1048 to that size so no need to worry about adjusting it in photoshop. good luck, I hope this helps.
  6. Casper Tech makes a free huge build rezzor. You could try experimenting around with that. Here is a link to the marketplace for that. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CasperTech-Rez-FREE-Huge-Build-Rezzer/1579760
  7. It might be possible to select the furniture objects together as a group and take into you inventory. then they would be in the same position and rotation in regards to each other when you take them out again and put in your house. I am builder so I am not sure that items placed in a rez-faux/rez-foo packager need to be full perms. you could try that. That way you just take out the rez-faux box and things will be rezzed according to the position and rotation relative to the box. Then you just move the box around to get the furniture where you want it. Dunno about the permissions thing though.
  8. use the alt-click function and close up on your avi's face. It will freeze the eyes in that position until you move again.
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