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  1. Oh wow, that's so easy. I never would have thought of that haha. And thank you. And yeah, I don't get to have the full experience of SL because I don't have money to rent but I love to decorate and stuff. I see SL as grown up barbies really. So I figure I'd decorate my cute little freebie charm's house and then take it all back into my inventory and redecorate it later sometime when I get bored of it. And when I go to unpack and change and make outfits, I can use my little decorated home (if nobody is in the sandbox). That's the closest I'll ever get to having a house. If that's still not go
  2. Ah thank you. I've heard of people linking things together to make one big thing but I've never been too sure how they do it.
  3. I don't see how it's the pot calling the kettle black when I wasn't rude to you in my first reply. I didn't start to get kind of rude until you called my true defense (because I really didn't know) childish. It's not sugar coating anything to just say things in a non-condescending way. People are much more receptive to what's said when they don't feel like they're being talked down to. Maybe it's your culture or maybe not but how you were talking to me really did come off abrasively. It's the sort of thing that causes flame wars. You can think that the world is against you and how you speak an
  4. @Indigo Mertel: Thank you for not joining in on the chastising. I appreciate it a lot. @Everyone else: I know the land owner of the main sandbox I go to. Also, you're all making it sound like I take out a giant house and leave it there. I go to a far corner of the sandbox if there's only one or two other people there and I see that they're not building and take out a tiny house. Then I go in and change clothes to save outfits, unpack stuff, and try out things I've made. A lot of times I tell a couple of my IRL friends to keep me company while I'm there. I'm there for 30 minutes tops if I'm n
  5. I don't think being rude to me about it was really necessary. I didn't know that it's called squatting or that it's banned. I'm still pretty new to this game and the rules.
  6. I like to hang out in a few very low traffic sandboxes with my friends and a lot of times I get out my house for it. If I put any furniture inside it, I always have to do this every single time. It's time consuming. Is there a way for me to put everything just the way I want it in my house and then sort of...take all of it to rez again later? It's sort of hard for me to explain. Sometimes people buy whole houses that are fully furnished when they rez it out of the box. I basically want to do the same thing but for myself. I want to be able to take my house out and have everything inside it whe
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