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  1. When I take photos of other AVs, I use an eyepod to control their eye movement (works great). Does anyone know of a product or trick to better control your own AV's eye movement when taking self portraits? I always find myself frustrated just wishing my AV would look just a little more towards the camera.
  2. I was looking at an article in the knowledge base and noticed that SL uses a Mozilla app to connect to some things... Well, the other day, I deleted a Mozilla folder thinking, "I don't use Firefox anymore, I don't need that." Guess what? LoL Anyway, I did a system restore and problem solved. Not sure if that was the exact issue... but whatever it was is fixed now. Thank you for responding! I appreciate it!
  3. I've teleported to various locations and cannot hear any stream even though I can see that the stream is playing.. I just can't hear it. I copy and pasted the music URL from my land to my browser and I was able to listen to it through the main website. When I went to Shoutcast, however, I realized I can hear some stations and not others (that I was able to listen to before) when I play them. So, I tried to copy and paste a URL from one of the stations I was able to listen to on Shoutcast.com to my land and I still can't hear anything in world.
  4. As of yesterday, I have been unable to hear any streaming audio in world. I have all of my audio settings enabled and nothing is muted. I've restarted my player multiple times, nothing happens. I've uninstalled and reinstalled SL... no change... checked my firewall settings... updated my drivers... Made sure my Direct X is up to date (because I've seen posts suggesting to update it). Nothing I've tried has worked. I'm using Windows XP and running Viewer 2. Can anyone help me out?
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