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  1. I haver a Gallery on Flickr of both Asian Male and one of Asian female skins and shapes, feel free tpo take a look it may be of help. Quality Male Asian, African, Afro, Native American & Ebony Ethnic Shapes & Skins in SL
  2. I hope this is of some help to those of you looking for a starting point to create a more realistic Asian skin and shape.https://www.flickr.com/photos/89231395@N04/galleries/72157714337894807/
  3. Alyona what head/skin/shape combination did you use in this lower headshot with the feathers in the hair if it is ok for me to ask?
  4. Marianne a little off topic but could you tell me the name of the hair used for the picture on the Stray Dog Tyler skin please
  5. Marketplace Search Option Desperately Needed How often do you try to search for something on Marketplace and discover your search result ends with you trawling through pages of what is best described as SPAM LISTINGS of the same item with the same picture but in a separate listing for 20-50 + color options !!. Please give us an option to be able to filter out sellers by un checking a seller or their ads from our searches simply by clicking that sellers name on the listing and selecting hide seller even if it is just temp for that login, just as you can on sites like ebay and amazon. This I am sure will be a very popular option among many customers
  6. Thats a good point you makes about why people decide to be tinys its almost as bad as people deciding to be 7 feet freakazoids AHHHH!!!., and as for people selling these tiny avatars in the first place that is so ludicrous !!... on a side note tho' i do make my rentals by selling tiny clothes and avatars and i has so much fun being tiny i wonder why i ever bothered being a 5'3" freak female human ..!! AHH that was it ! at 5'3" human i felt like a tiny anyway as every other human was over 7feet tall !! YIKES !! oh well back to my waffles and hugs from all the 7 feet freakazoid women with big breasts that just want to hug me all day and take me home ... life is so hard as a Tiny !!!! hehehehe Yes people the article was an attempt at sattire and a good one lol and so is my reply, we all do what we do in sl for whatever reason i went Tiny to escape Drama Llamas and then found myself recently making a Drama Lama Avatar Tiny as in truth the Drama is everywhere. anyway Tiny, Human, Quad whatever so long as you are happy and have fun thats all that matters and this article was about fun anyway so no need for some people to be so serious its just a game
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