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  1. My Main Store on Southpointe is gone and only one of my small satellite shops is showing. I was wondering why my traffic had been so slow as of late!! Here is my Main Store, it is ALWAYS checked ad Show in Search. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SouthPointe/60/130/30 It is not showing up at all. And my store traffic is next to nil. I and colleagues 100% rely on the Show in Search feature to work, and we are paying for it. I have had a store in SL for 10 years. TEN years. And this has always worked. I literally cannot stay in SL as a business person if this is not fixed. And if I am not a business person in SL, then I will not stay in SL at all, since I will have no reason to stay. I own land and I spend a LOT of money in SL on uploads of all my designs. Please fix this ASAP if you want to keep people like me in here.
  2. There IS a category for women's fantasy and medieval costumes. But no male? As merchants, all we get for our mens' designs that is closest to medieval is gothic, vintage, wizard, or pirate costumes, or I can choose mens' themed clothing as an alternative category. There are tons and tons of male medieval clothes out there in categories that are really not a good fit. There should be a male equivalent to the women's fantasy and medieval costume category. Believe me, I know there is a ton of costumes for men because I have been in the medieval/fantasy clothing design and RP business since 2008. PLEASE make a Fantasy and Medieval male costume category!
  3. Ample wrote: "On a side note, I'd be willing to give more than 5% commission if they made the search more relevant, allowed newer items to be mixed in with the higher ranking items...." Yes, it is very difficult for people adding newer listings to compete with older, established listings. This hurts people trying to start out, as well as people adding brand new things or trying to expand what they have on marketplace. For example, I have some things I added recently that have both a matching item name, keywords and description fitting my Search. I attempt searches that exactly match the name of my newer listing, with the assumption that the exact search wording should make my item at least come close to the top. But when I perform the search, these items sometimes fall dozens of pages under things that appear only marginally related - if they are even related at all (in fact some things come up well ahead of mine that have no matching titles or matches anywhere in the visible description). In what way is it fair or encourging to newer merchants on here, when sellers who have sold something a few times keep being rewarded by being at the top of the search, while any new things added fall way at the bottom. It's similar to a "rich getting richer while the poor stay poorer" kind of system. Keywords should be more important in the search results in some way. On a related note.. I have paid a good bit of money for several ads. But some of the ads have to compete with so many other ads (for example Womens Formal Gowns has so many featured ads). I think some of these costly ads are barely getting their "time in the sun", so to speak. Perhaps it could be adjusted so that when there are more people advertising in a certain niche, we can have our ads show longer for the same cost, since they have to compete and rotate in with so many other ads. Just an idea.
  4. Tech Specs please???? Tried updating, java, flash, shockwave...no go. What des this run on? What do I need to install or check.. thanks.
  5. Angel, how can educators stay if they cant afford it? They do want to stay, but I doubt most universities will accept the increase. Also what do you mean about non-profit abuse? I know that LL very carefully researched the legitimacy of each claim of non-profit status. I have seen non educators try to get past this and miserably fail. The invoice and payment MUST be associated with the actual educational or non profit institution and proof is required. And if its true there was abuse of that, I hope it was caught. As far as I know, even RL professors could not get an educational discount sim on their own, so I dont see how an abuse so major as you refer to slipped past Linden Labs. Also... some educational sims (e.g Renaissance Island which is run by Libarians with the aim of educating about the Renaissance period) do sometimes have rental etc to help support their tier (since tier is always a challenge in education). But there is no profit going on whatsoever. If anything, the educators associated with that land give freely of their own time, effort and money when needed. This is often very typical of educators when they feel passionately about something and want to see it succeed. If Renaissance Island was to close, it would be a tragedy. No real return on the money? Please - how do you measure that? Also - one more point to a certain concern expressed by others. Educational sims are often "empty" because class generally isn't going on at all hours of the day and night. They typically have very specific usage times. It does not mean it isn't used.
  6. Doggie, couple things... try the Organica trees, far better than Heart (which I used to use till I found Organica) and infinitely copiable. Also... SL is not a virtual game, it is a virtual world. Though games such as combat can happen in SL, SL itself is not a game. Just reading through this blog you can see how real it is. :-)
  7. I help design and maintain educational sims and I have no words to express my horror at this. Some of us are operating on grants and it has been a difficult enough road to secure approval and funding. Our hopes are to get the universities and colleges to continue some of these projects after grant funding runs out, and they have taken many hours of time effort and love. This move will simply kill these initiatives. After courting and encouraging educator presence, I cant believe you would turn around and let us down like this.
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