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  1. ...someone responded... disregard for now.. thanks!
  2. Looking for a scripter for a project job need done... Send me a notecard and message inworld... Thanks!
  3. ....this request still open, so far two people responded, one couldn't tackle it, dropped out, the other still waiting for reply... if you have discord we can chat there too...
  4. Am not a scripter, but was speaking to somebody who has one but doesn't want to update with full perms for my needs, but their loss could be somebody else's gain..
  5. Am looking for a specific autorezzer script that cannot find.. It needs to rez on number of avatar or prim collides and have a timer delay in seconds before another object can be rezzed. If the object still exists in sim then another cannot be rezzed. No avatar scanner needed.. I need this full perm.
  6. Am looking for this too.. in additon as option to stream the audio without the video..
  7. Ya, did a bit of testing with particle method but no full control, it follows in all directions...
  8. All I need is a menu popup to grab youtube urls from a notecard.... couldn't be that hard...
  9. Looking for scripter to customize the shared media scripts...
  10. Am looking for script that allows a side of a prim face always follow camera view of avatar facing it... with the option of enabling or disabling verticle follow, but default as horizontal left/right follow...
  11. Are animated keyframed meshes supported? For example, a simple keyframed animated mesh from blender 3d then exported as dae format... any info about this appreciated, thanks!
  12. Hello, seeking out a quote for a script job needed. Its just a simple do damage on collision prim which then explodes into flames..for more info please contact me inworld... Thanks!
  13. Ok Sloverdrive, the software has much potential... intuitive features as-is.. low learning curve but would be good to have full english version.. I hope this project is not abandoned.. are you one of the developers of LIVE ANIMATION?
  14. Sloverdrive, any new updates on this software? Has the english version been fully completed yet? I am looking for a guide on how to import and rig a new character inside LA STUDIO... in english... is it possible to rename bones and retarget like BVH HACKER? I am also looking for Bento avatars for LA STUDIO..perhaps a guide on how to import? Also, LIVE ANIMATION is free version? There is no full version?
  15. Sansar is not like SL... requires mid-high end PC and VR set and fast connection. Before you try to jump in you may want to test your PC workstation with http://store.steampowered.com/app/323910 other than that scripting for Sansar will be C# which has a higher learning curve than LSL ... for the most part if your PC is not ready and/or don't have VR set prepare yourself by saving side cash to upgrade or buy a new workstation.. it will be worth it on the long run..
  16. I do know how to create poses but I feel very limited using QAvimator, I do have free joints off as well so I can make more extreme poses but I recently came across Avastar ? Is it worth getting ? Avastar is for Blender only and if your an avid Blender user its worth it..you'll leave Qavimator behind. I myself come from college background studying Maya, 3dsMax so I stick to those..3dsMax is my preferred but have not found very good scripts for it other than SLAV plugin but SLAV doesn't have video tutorials like Mayastar does so Mayastar won my vote.. Also I tried googling how to create poses for couples which I did find but ? How would I test them to be sure they came out the way I wanted ? I know I have to get pose balls to test them but I don't know much about scripts also I haven't found a decent page to learn about them or a video source ? AV Sitter won my vote for pose making..the author also has extensive guides.. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AVSITTER2-REVOLUTIONARY-Multi-Pose-System/2277498 For offline testing poses use http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Main_Page ..install on your computer.. Happy learning..have fun!
  17. QAvimator, it is great for beginners.. I used it back in the days and also tried Daz Studio... once you get ahead you'll realize how prmitive QAvimator is.. I now use Maya to animate or create poses but for beginners Maya may be daunting for its complex user interface and would take bit longer to learn than QAvimator.. with a bit of patience you can grasp the use of Maya with all the free tutorials out there including the low cost tutorials by http://createmesh.com
  18. Would you mind providing the SL avatars for this program? Would be nicer if the actual avatars are used like depicted here at
  19. Interesting, what happened I think was that simple model in the pick had over a dozen redundant assigned IDs from other parts of my mesh but really its only one texture for that part...Thanks again..
  20. Really? I did go back to reduce parts from 11 to 6 and that did solve it but will remember what you said and will try that next time..re-assign texture IDs...Thanks
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